Cut the Cord: Watch March Madness Without Cable

Watch March Madness without cable? What’s a cord-cutter to do?

March Madness is the most wonderful time of the year for a reason. A sixteen seed just might upset a number one. Unlikely NBA stars are born, because everyone gets a chance to shine at the Big Dance.


That’s why, when I decided to cut the cord and get rid of cable a few years ago, I didn’t immediately factor in my ability to watch March Madness. When I realized what being a cord-cutter meant for the college basketball season, I had a meltdown that would make Britney Spears circa 2007 look like Doris Day by comparison. Not watching was NOT an option, and going out to sports bars for a month wasn’t great for my waistline or my wallet.

So, I got busy figuring out the best ways to watch March Madness without cable (and even finding great cord-cutting deals), which is tricky.

Here are your best bets for catching the Harry Potter-level magic that is March Madness this year:

Go With the Flow and Stream It

There are many streaming media options for watching all of the March Madness action, and at a fraction of the cost of your cable bill. Now, everything that airs on CBS is free, but you’ll need a subscription to watch the games on TBS, TruTV, and TNT. So unless you have a friend with cable connections who owes you a favor, you won’t have full access to all the games. Don’t fret; many offer extended highlights and commentary, so cord-cutters like you won’t miss any of the action.

Get Out the Rabbit Ears, Sort of

Watch March Madness Without Cable: Get out the antenna

Ok, so now that everything is digital, you no longer have to dig out the rabbit ear antenna to get a clear picture. But if you invest in an inexpensive digital antenna or streaming media player, you can pick up games FOR ZERO DOLLARS. Most games air on CBS, which is a network, so you can watch March Madness without cable or satellite package.

Watch March Madness on Sling TV, Baby

Make sure you don’t miss any of Dickie V’s antics during this year’s March Madness with Sling TV, a new live tv option starting at just $20.00 per month. Sling TV comes with its own receiver. Similar to Roku, you subscribe to different channels, but those channels are actually live programming. Because the viewing options are limited, it’s way more affordable for a cord-cutter than a standard cable package, and since you pay from month-to-month, you can cancel service at any time.

 If All Else Fails, Watch March Madness on YouTube

Watch March Madness Without Cable: Watch on YouTube

If the above options don’t work for your March Madness viewing plans, you can always subscribe to the NCAA March Madness Youtube Channel for the latest clips and commentary on all the games. While you won’t be able to watch full games on YouTube, with so many videos, you won’t even notice you missed any of the action!

So relax dear cord-cutter, we’ve got you covered for all 67 games during March Madness. Make sure you’ve got your game watching essentials – including your favorite fan gear. And remember, if you decide to watch March Madness at work, don’t get caught! Those TPS reports don’t write themselves.

Author: Katie

A Tar Heel born and bred, Katie hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. When she isn’t writing or shopping online, you can find her hiking a mountain trail, perfecting her no-bake cookie recipe, or secretly reading romance novels on her Kindle.

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  1. AvatarCole McKinnon

    I am a tech. minimalist and I think cutting the cord is the way of the future, or at least for me.

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    Some good ideas as we are considering disconnecting our cable soon!

  3. AvatarAli Celestino

    Love these ideas!! Very cheap at 20.00 a month

  4. AvatarMike McCain

    we have cut off cable 8 years ago, now branching out into streaming

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    My dad will be so glad to know these tips!

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