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I’ll be honest. I’ve always been an Apple junkie. I love my MacBook, iPad, and most of all, my iPhone. My fiancé, on the other hand, is the kind of guy that has had the same phone since 2010 and only recently upgraded when his phone stopped receiving text messages altogether. He refused to join the Apple ranks, and instead got the latest Android phone.

android phone features

But now that I’ve seen his phone and some of its features, I’m counting down the days until I can trade my iPhone for an Android. Here are some of my favorite Android phone features and tricks I’ve picked up so far:

Game Emulators

You can’t go more than a couple of steps without bumping into someone playing Pokémon GO. If you’re a diehard Pokemon fan, you can actually turn your android into a gaming system for your old Gameboy games (Pokémon included)! This phone hack is easy; simply download an emulator, and you’ll be able to play all your old favorites – Mario, Donkey Kong, and yes, even Pokémon.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

It’s Friday night and you’re out with friends when you remember that you forgot to file one last report before leaving the office for the weekend. No need to rush back to the office! You can turn your Android into a wi-fi hotspot with this easy phone hack.

Remotely Control Desktop

This is one of my favorite Android phone features! Whether you need to access files for work, or you use your pc as part of your home theater set-up, or you simply want to make sure you didn’t leave your embarrassing search history up, it’s great to have the ability to remotely control your desktop from your Android.


Save Your Battery

I usually drain my phone’s battery by noon (I have a slight tetris obsession). But Android added a feature called Doze, designed to extend your battery. Doze works when you aren’t using your phone, and simply puts apps in a sort of  deep hibernation mode, allowing only high priority notifications to interrupt this mode.

Voice Search from Lock Screen

Being able to google stuff without having to enter my passcode is a phone trick I wish Apple would install. Now, you simply say ‘Ok, Google’ and your phone automatically unlocks so you can google the latest on the feud between Kimye and Taylor Swift without having to enter your passcode! This handy tutorial will show you how to set up Google Now from your lock screen.   

Send People Directly to Voicemail

The hater in me loves this phone trick. On vacation? Send your boss’ calls straight to your inbox. In your contacts, simply find the person whose calls you want to block and tap edit. Scroll down to the menu options, and tap ‘Send all calls to voicemail.’


Use these awesome Android phone features and hacks to simplify your device and customize it for your lifestyle. In the market for an Android phone? Check out our inventory of phones and accessories, and let me know about your favorite phone tips and tricks in the comments below!

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A Tar Heel born and bred, Katie hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. When she isn’t writing or shopping online, you can find her hiking a mountain trail, perfecting her no-bake cookie recipe, or secretly reading romance novels on her Kindle.

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