5 Tips for Taking Better Holiday Photos


5 Tips for Taking Better Holiday Photos

The combination of the Christmas tree, the lights, and family makes the holidays the perfect time to snap some quality photos. When the whole family gets together, there are sure to be plenty of memorable moments you will want to capture.

Carrying around a big camera isn’t always feasible and, with digital cameras getting thinner and better every year, you may not need to (figure out whether a DSLR or a point-and-shoot is right for you here). Some of the best photos are candid, so moving quickly and using your your portable gadget will be key to capturing these impromptu holiday moments.

These 5 tips will help you get beautiful holiday photos:

1. Off-Center the Tree
Instead of having your subject stand directly in front of the tree, you want them to stand in front and slightly to the side of the tree. This will create a balanced composition and allow the photo to focus on the subject and show off the tree.
Off Centered Christmas Tree Photo credit: Bjorn Christian Torrissen

2. Blur, Blur, Blur Those Lights
Purposefully making an image blurry seems counter-intuitive, but intentionally blurring lights can create a nice backdrop for a photo. Getting close to your subject and positioning them in front of the tree will allow you to get a detailed shot while still capturing the Holiday essence of the tree.
Blurred Christmas Lights Photo credit: Bryce Bradford

3. Capture the Lights Before it Gets too Dark
There’s a trick to getting that perfect photo of your outdoor Christmas lights: perfect timing. Taking the photo when there is still some natural light will ensure that your lights look crisp, not blurry. Aim to head outside when the sky is a dark blue instead of completely black.
Outdoor Christmas Lights Photo credit: Chuck Martin

4. Think Less, Click More
Once you stumble upon the perfect moment or finally get the perfect group shot organized, you will want to take as many shots as possible. You can always delete photos with bad lighting or unflattering angles later, but you can’t go back and take another shot.
Candid Christmas PhotoPhoto credit: William Brawley

5. Take Advantage of Your Phone Size
Most people freeze when they see a big camera in their face, so take advantage of the size of your digital camera and be sneaky! Some of the best photos are the ones where your subject is not posing. Keeping your camera low-profile on Christmas morning might result in some great candid shots.
Baby Reading a Christmas Book Photo credit: Chris Smith

Using these tips will help you take holiday photos you will love to look back on next year! If you have a holiday photo tip to share, leave it in the comments.

Author: Amy

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