5 Apps to Help You Go Green


5 Apps to Help You Go Green

There are a number of ways technology can help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.  With this list of eco-conscious mobile apps, the power to go green is right at your fingerprints.


Don’t know where to recycle used batteries or that broken gas grill that’s just taking up space in your garage? Check out iRecycle, an iOS and Android app, that allows you to search for the most convenient recycling locations depending on what type of product you’re trying to dispose of.

Meter Readings  

Meter Readings makes it easy to monitor your household energy and water consumption. Select the types of meters you want to monitor and at what intervals. The iOS app will notify you when it is time to record your meter reading. Meter Readings allows you to see your historical data in a variety of different visual formats. Closely monitoring your household energy consumption is important because you can catch unusually high energy usage before you get hit with a big bill! Save money and become a more sustainable homeowner or renter!

Gro Memo

Available on iOS and Android platforms, Gro Memo is a simple eco-education game that teaches kids basic environmental facts and heightens their awareness surrounding issues that threaten our natural environment.  A matching game that emphasizes memory skills, this iOS and Android app has great characters and beautiful animations that will surely engage your child.


For the goal-oriented adult folk, there is JouleBug. This iOS and Android social app allows you to earn pins, badges and points for adopting more sustainable habits into your lifestyle. You can learn eco-friendly tips from other app users while also sharing how you’re making a difference. This app also lets you challenge friends in various green competitions or join community-sponsored sustainability challenges. Now, that’s a fun way to go green!

Seafood Watch

Craving sushi? Sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Seafood Watch app helps consumers make more informed decisions about their seafood choices.  You can search for different types of seafood to pick options that have less of a negative impact on the environment. Available on iOS and Android platforms, you can also use this app to find businesses and restaurants that serve sustainable seafood as well as add your own recommendations.

At BLINQ, we’re committed to helping consumers make eco-friendly choices while providing great products at incredible discounts.  Check out our BLINQ Thinks Green Pinterest board to see other ways you can go green and incorporate more sustainable practices into your daily life.

How are you adopting green technologies into your life?


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