3 Reasons to Build Your Own Desktop


3 Reasons to Build Your Own DesktopIf building your own computer has never crossed your mind, I want to share three really good reasons why you should. (And if you’ve thought about it, but haven’t done it yet, these are three good reasons to get up and get started!).

Customizable to Fit Your Needs

When you build your own PC, you can customize everything about it. I don’t know about you, but I love being able to tweak something to fit my specific needs. I may be no special snowflake, but I sure want my electronics to think so! The ability to select each part — the hard drive, motherboard, processor, etc — that will be integral to the functions and functionality  of your machine.

For example:

  • For better graphics, you want to select a better quality graphics card.
  • For better speed and overall performance, you will want to prioritize your motherboard and extra RAM.
  • But if you really care about space, then an Solid State Drive is where you’ll want to splurge.

Because you’ll get to select exactly what you want, you are also able to tailor it to your costs, which leads me into my next reason…

Budget Friendly

When you build your own desktop, you can get greater performance for less cost. You get to look up the exact parts you need, usually at the cost that suits you. As there are so many competitors in the market, it’s a bit over flooded, as a result prices are dropped. Accompany that with how fast technology advances, and it makes for a great financially lucrative shopping experience. While you won’t be able to name your price, I guarantee you’ll be able to get as close to it as possible.

3 Reasons to Build Your Own Desktop

Here is my power supply unit and hard drive!

You’ll also be able to only get what you need. Take for example an optical drive, this is the component that holds CD-ROMs, DVDs, disc in general. With the advancement of cloud storage, many programs are downloadable directly from the internet without the need of a CD-ROM. So this item may not be necessary for you, as a result, you can choose to omit it from your desktop build saving you a few bucks or allowing you to put the money to use on another component.

You can do this same thing with other areas of your build that aren’t integral (like the pieces I mentioned in the last paragraph!).

Increased Longevity

Product lifespan is right up there with being budget-friendly for me! What!? I can buy something to fit my budget, and feel assured that it will work for years to come?! What is this sorcery! In all seriousness, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you build your own.
Since only you know what your budget is,  you will know best what will work within your budget but also for your use.

Meaning if you know you’ll be binge-watching Netflix like there’s no tomorrow, you know you’ll need to spend more money on the parts that will be heavily used. Which means you can choose to spend less on the parts that aren’t as important. Meaning, since your computer is customized to your use, it will work how you use it, so no wear and tear on things you don’t use = longer lifespan for your computer!

You Convinced Yet?

While there are way more than 3 reasons to build a desktop from scratch, these are really just to get you started out thinking about it.

Once you know what specs you want, you can shop around for deals on computer parts to find just what you need. By bookmarking the computer parts pages on BLINQ and checking back to see what new inventory we have, you could luck up and snag a video card, motherboard, processor or whatever you need to build or upgrade your rig! I promise, the more you research, the more you might find that building your own computer might indeed be the best choice for you.

Author: Jourdi

“Bi-Coastal living is the life for me!” Jourdi is reuniting with her techy side! Raised all over California, but currently lives in D.C. She’s learning how to build computers, get better at gaming, and possibly learn to code. When she’s not elbow deep in DIY’s, a book, or Yoga, you’ll find her scouring deals on BLINQ for primo computer parts and games, Namaste!

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