A Greener Way to Buy: Deals You Can Feel GOOD About

Greener way to Buy

Greener way to buy

Did you know that 10% of products people buy get returned? And then there’s all the inventory that stores can’t sell and need to get rid of to make room for new merchandise. Makes you wonder what happens to those products.

Some of those products end up in landfills. Some get shipped around the country in bulk, broken into smaller lots, stored in warehouses, moved around again. Eventually they may end up at flea markets.

Instead of being trashed or being shipped back and forth across the country, what if there was a way you could buy those products at huge discounts instead?

That’s where BLINQ comes in. We partner with retailers to connect you, the savvy consumer, with great products retailers are willing to move at a fraction of the price. This means that you get to save green, while being green.

Better for consumers, better for the environment.