Shopping Off-Season: Winter is the Best Time to Buy…


Hot chocolate, ice skating, cute boots, and snowy weather. These are just a few things I love about wintertime. You know what else I love about winter? It’s the best time to buy, and save, on some of my favorite things.


If you’ve seen our articles about what’s best to buy in the fall and what’s best to buy in the summer, you’ve probably caught onto the fact that shopping smartly and buying off-season can save you big bucks. Plus, you’ll feel good when summer does roll around, knowing you snagged that brand new bathing suit in the middle of winter — at a fraction of its original retail price!

Here are some ideas for other items to stock up on during the chillier months for big savings that won’t leave your wallet cold.


Champagne: Did you know that Champagne and other sparkling wine is deeply discounted in December? Instead of marking this celebratory beverage up for New Year’s, retailers actually discount champagne to get you in the store in hopes that you’ll buy other full-price items. So bring on the bubbly and score big discounts when you head to the wine aisle in December.


Toys: If you’re a last-minute holiday shopper, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a secret sweet spot for toy sales during the second and third weeks of December. Beware though, the week before Christmas, those sales will disappear as last-minute holiday shoppers crowd the aisles and toy demand spikes. If you miss the sweet spot, the best time to buy will be in the New Year, once kids have opened all their gifts and the holiday shopping period has ended.


Workout Gear: If you’ve already set your sights on using fitness technology to get fit in the New Year, you’ll also be happy to know that retailers offer big discounts on fitness gear and accessories during this month. This is because demand for workout gear is high in January, and retailers want to get you into their store — in hopes you’ll buy other expensive workout equipment. Still, you’ll snag great deals and start your resolution off strong when you shop for exercise gear in the New Year.

Holiday Decorations: Once the holidays end, retailers need to make room for new inventory. So while you may have had enough holiday cheer to last a while, consider January as the best time to buy holiday decor and other holiday-themed goodies, as these things will be priced to sell quickly. You’ll thank yourself for stocking up when the next holiday season rolls around!


Clothing: You already know that shopping for clothing off-season is a great way to save. But if you want to save even more, think of January as one of the best times to buy clothing items (especially winter apparel). Post-holiday season, retailers will encourage you to spend those gift cards you received for Christmas by offering mega sales of as much as 70% off apparel!


Televisions:  Take advantage of Presidents’ Day weekend, when most retailers offer sales, to purchase a flat screen television. Since the Super Bowl is in February, stores will often offer big savings on flat screens and other viewing devices throughout the month. (Hosting a budget-friendly Super Bowl party is also a great opportunity to show off your new television).

Smartphones:  You can also save big on smartphones during winter months. Typically new smartphones are unveiled in the Spring, so February is a prime time to score big savings on a new device.

smartphone_655x371Valentine’s Gifts:  Whether you have a Valentine or not, there’s no denying that the last two weeks of February are the best time to buy everything from candy and jewelry to flowers and gift baskets. So, in the words of Tom Haverford, Treat Yo’ Self (while staying within your budget)!

There’s an off-season for everything, and savvy shoppers know exactly when to score the best deals on big-ticket items, gifts, and everything in between. Here at BLINQ, we’re also about savings year-round, so whether you love shopping in the off-season or enjoy hunting for new deals everyday, check out our site for savings on electronics, home goods, clothing and more!

Have you snagged any off-season deals lately? Let me know in the comments!

Author: Katie

A Tar Heel born and bred, Katie hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. When she isn’t writing or shopping online, you can find her hiking a mountain trail, perfecting her no-bake cookie recipe, or secretly reading romance novels on her Kindle.