Shopping Off-Season: Summer is the Best Time to Buy…


When it comes to saving money, timing is key. I think I speak for all of us when I say that the sting of buying a needed item just before a major sale is real. Savvy shoppers know about big sale days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Prime Day, but when can you find the best deals on computers, furniture and fitness equipment? We’ve compiled a handy list to help you find the best summer bargains!

Home Decor and Appliances

Summer is a great time to stock up on dishware, home decor, and kitchen appliances. Why? Simple: school season and wedding season. Kitchenware tends to go on sale in anticipation of students leaving for college, and the summer wedding season means sales on housewares. Also, keep an eye out for discounts and sales on tool sets and accessories: July is when the do-it-yourself impulse hits many home improvement enthusiasts. Not by coincidence, tool sales usually peak just before Father’s Day. (Although we know a place you can find amazing deals on tools all year!)

Winter Clothing

Our friend, The Rich Miser, knows a thing or two about shopping out of season. As an avid deal-hunter, he knows that the best deals on clothing tend to always come in the off-season. “While it’s possible to get lucky with a sudden price drop [on winter clothes] during the colder months,” he says, “the more reliable and sustained price drops on winter clothing come during the spring and summer”. His most recent summer steal? A designer coat (with a retail price of $529.99) that he purchased for $155.75. Talk about savings!

Living and Dining Room Sets

If your home renovation itch extends to replacing that tired kitchen table or dated living room furniture, June is the best time to buy these items. Furniture stores usually unveil their new lines in the fall, which means they’ll be eager to get rid of their old inventory by June. If you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, wait until July — that’s when the back-to-school sales roll around, and outdoor furniture often goes on clearance.

Office Furniture and Supplies

As with home decor, office and school supplies often go on sale as summer comes to a close and the school year approaches. Everyone knows back-to-school sales are a great time to stock up on school supplies. What you may not know is that most home businesses start up right after tax day, making early summer a good time to hunt for deals on office supplies. If you miss those deals in May, furniture stores unveil their new products in August, making July an optimal time to try again.

Computers and Electronics

Back-to-school sales usually bring great deals on computers and laptops as well. Also, many video games released during the holiday season should just start seeing discounts by mid-summer, so keep an eye out for some discounted entertainment.

Gym Equipment and Memberships

Why is summer the best time to buy gym equipment? Gym membership often drops off during the summer, meaning better deals for you. A summer slump in sales also means fitness retailers will try to clear out their exercise goods over the summer, which makes it a great time to shop for that treadmill or exercise bike. Start looking for new equipment in June, when the sales will start popping up.


If you’re looking to stock up on wine for the year, August is your month. The grape harvest begins in August, so stores will soon move in new stock. This means it’s not only the best time to buy wine, but the best time to visit wine country!

Grills, Picnic Supplies, and Summer Clothes

As summer winds down and retailers prepare for fall, you’ll start seeing major discounts on outdoor grills, picnic furniture and supplies, and even items like air conditioners (although February remains the best time to buy this last item). Swimwear and summer clothing will also start dropping in price as demand dwindles (so check out these tips for buying clothes in the off-season).

Obviously, the major sales are still a great time to find good discounts — but there’s no reason why you can’t save a little money by shopping year-round. Have you scored a great summer deal lately? Tell me about it in the comments!

Author: Daniel

Daniel lives by his wits in the remotest wilds of Montana. (Actually, he lives in a cozy downtown apartment with his wife and two cats.) When he's not shopping for deals he enjoys reading, writing, blogging, documentaries and frequent walks.