Shopping Off-Season: Spring is the Best Time to Buy…


There are many things to love about springtime. The smell of fresh rain, the sound of birds chirping, the first sign of spring flowers. But one of the best things to love about spring has to be the amazing savings you can find during March through June. If you’re familiar with the benefits of shopping off-season, you may know there’s a best time to buy everything. (Hint: here’s what to snag in summer, fall, and winter.) To round out the list, read on to learn some of the smartest purchases you can make this spring.spring best time to buy

Winter Coats

This hardly needs explaining. No clothing store wants to keep winter coats in stock once spring hits, and prices will drop. If your coat has seen better days, take advantage of spring as the best time to buy a new one. You’ll thank yourself later, when cold temperatures roll around again!


It’s no secret February is the month for chocolate. Once Valentine’s Day is over, chocolate sales tend to wane, so prices go down. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, spring is the best time to buy all your favorite varieties. If you went a little too far with the chocolate, consider this next item…

Treadmills and Fitness Equipment

It’s no surprise that a lot of fitness equipment sells around the new year. People are excited to set fresh goals and become their best physical selves. By March, however, consumers are no longer quite so excited, and prices drop on fitness gear. Spring weather is the perfect excuse to recommit and get out there with a fresh pair of running shoes or new fitness technology.



Summer is the biggest time of the year for travel and tourism, which means luggage companies and shops put their goods on sale around March. If you’re planning a trip (or even if you aren’t), spring is a great time to shop for new luggage. By the way, did you know spring is also the best time of year to book cruises? Just sayin’.

Digital Cameras

New digital camera models tend to come out in February, which means the previous years’ models will drop in price soon after. If you don’t mind buying last year’s model, March and beyond is a great time to go hunting for a great deal on a digital camera.



As with digital cameras, refrigerators roll out new models in the spring — May, to be exact. If you’re in the market, keep an eye out for discounted prices on refrigerators between May and June as this will be your best time to buy.

Office Furniture

Office furniture goes on sale right after tax day. Why? Because most home businesses start right after tax day, and enterprising home business owners everywhere are looking for desks and chairs to start their new ventures off right. Be sure to take advantage if you’re planning on creating a home office setup of your own.

Outdoor Grills

Summer may still be a ways off, but retailers know you’re already dreaming of hosting backyard barbecues. Luckily, outdoor grills go on sale in March. You may have to wait a while before firing it up (depending on where you live), but a great deal may make the end result that much more delicious.


Gym Memberships

Remember what we were talking about earlier when it came to New Year’s resolutions? By early June, most people have really forgotten about their resolutions, and gyms are eager to get people in the door. If you didn’t sign up for a gym membership or pick up any fitness gear in March, look again in June, just before summer hits. (Actually, prices will still be great in the summer. But there’s no time like the present!)

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh energy. And during the spring months, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to find the best deals available on items you need and want.

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Have you made any great off-season purchases lately? Let me know about your finds in the comments below!

Author: Daniel

Daniel lives by his wits in the remotest wilds of Montana. (Actually, he lives in a cozy downtown apartment with his wife and two cats.) When he's not shopping for deals he enjoys reading, writing, blogging, documentaries and frequent walks.