A Money Saving Tip from…Sherry: Make the Most of Your Tablet


Sherry moved to DC in August 2016 to join the BLINQ marketing team after graduating from college in Pennsylvania. This week, we sat down with her to dish on one of her favorite ways to save money in post-grad life.


Q: What’s your favorite money saving tip?

Having just graduated from college, one of my biggest “real life” resolutions is to read more. I never really had much time to sit down in college with anything other than a textbook, so now I’ve accumulated a long list of books I can finally get around to. And while you might picture me browsing my local bookstore for new titles in hardcopy or paperback, as it turns out, I save a ton of money just by making the most of my tablet and using it for reading, browsing magazines, and taking advantage of my library’s free online resources.

Sure, tablets may be more of an initial investment, but I promise that they’re well worth it in the long run, especially for avid readers like me. Typically, ebooks are cheaper than physical books, and there are a ton of books that you can even get for free if you know where to look!  You can also find apps and online services that provide personalized recommendations and perks. A really helpful one for me is BookBub, a site that lets you save your book preferences and sends you daily ebook deals based on those preferences.

Another great tip that people might not know about is that public libraries offer an ever-growing list of digital books that are free to borrow. I use an app called OverDrive that lets me enter my library card information for access to my entire library’s online database — right from my tablet!

I also love the portability and flexibility that tablets offer; rather than having to carry around a hard copy of the latest and greatest bestseller, I have all my books and magazines stored on my tablet whenever I want to access them.

Q: That sounds great! What kind of tablet do you use?

I have an iPad, which I love! But there are so many great tablet options out there; many people love their Kindles for reading, and others may prefer an Android operating system, or a tablet that comes with a detachable keyboard. When buying a tablet, consider what you’ll be using it for, and think about things like screen size, storage space, and battery life. No matter what type of tablet you choose, you’ll feel good knowing it can help you save money whether you’re a big reader like me, or have a different hobby or interest of your own.


Q: What do you like to do with the all money you save?

Taking advantage of free books on my tablet has saved me some time and money to spend at the adorable farmer’s markets and boutiques throughout DC!

Thanks, Sherry, for taking the time to let us in on your favorite money saving tip. For even more tablet savings, be sure to check out BLINQ’s tablet inventory–there’s sure to be something for everybody! Have a question for Sherry? Leave it in the comments below!

Author: Emily

Emily is a recent UVA grad trying to find her way in this thing they call the “real world”. When she’s not learning about 401(k) plans or budgeting for her next online shopping spree, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen or scouring the district for the best cup of coffee.