A Money Saving Tip from…Candace: Make Full Use of Your Membership Benefits

In our ongoing series of money-saving tips from BLINQ employees, we learn the real ways that our savvy staff have found to stretch their dollars.

Today, we talked with Candace, who has been with BLINQ since 2013, to learn how she saves money.

Tell us about your favorite money-saving tip?

Make Full Use of Your Membership Benefits I make a point to take advantage of my membership discounts. I’ve been a AAA member since I’ve started driving, so since about 2006, and AAA has saved me so much money.

Discounts for AAA members can be found for a lot of different things — hotel rooms, rental cars, tickets to theme parks and more. Their discounts are sometimes hidden, so it always good idea to ask if a store offers AAA discounts.  Sometimes I can save more than 15%, just by asking.

I’ve used their discounts mainly for hotels and rental cars when traveling. But you can even get discount when shopping at some stores (like GAP).

The big bonus of AAA, aside from their discounts is that depending on your membership level they’ll help you with a variety of car problems. Trust me, I’ve had to call them a couple of times. When my battery died, and when I got a flat on the highway, AAA was there to pick me up and fix whatever problem there was. Not only that, but they’ll tow you for free (there’s a limit to how many miles though).

For me, paying a yearly fee is worth it. I may not use AAA on a daily basis, but in the long run, it’s helped me when I need help with my car PLUS I get discounts on a lot of unrelated services as well!

Great tip from Candace: Don’t forget to ask if any membership discounts may apply. What about you — what hidden membership benefits do you use?

Author: Tanya

Born and raised in NYC, Tanya is a recent D.C. transplant, who has enjoyed exploring the city's lively music scene. She believes online shopping is the best form of stress reduction. Scoring great deals on BLINQ helps prevent her from seizing when looking at her credit card statement every month.

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