13 Ways to Save on Halloween Fun


What is there not to love about Halloween? The holiday brings with it crisp air, pranks, candy and creative costumes (not to mention pumpkin flavored everything). While it can make for a fun holiday, if you’re not careful it can get scary expensive.

Don’t get carried away on your spending this holiday, and check out our 13 ways to save money on Halloween instead. It’ll keep your bank statement from giving you a fright!

1. Make Your Own Ghoulish Treats

Halloween is a great time to embrace the DIY attitude. Instead of buying prepackaged Halloween treats, make your own sweets using ingredients you have at home. Try a simple recipe like these spooky but cute chocolate ghosts.

2. Search for Free Events in Your Community

You’d be surprised to find that there are a lot of free family-friendly community events around this season. Check out your city’s local events page, or your favorite search engine for events like free ghost tours or outdoor movie screenings.

3. Buy Decorations You Can Use Every Year

Forego the cheap plastic decorations and paper plates for reusable orange and black Halloween decorations and dinnerware. Imagine the savings you’ll enjoy every year when you whip out these reusable decorative items.

4. Find Discounts on Costumes and Decor

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Shop at discount, thrift stores or surplus stores to find great deals on halloween costumes and decor. For the online shopper, check out BLINQ’s selection of Halloween costumes for savings up to 80% off.

5. Make Your Own Costume

If you’re the crafty or creative type, try your hand at making your own Halloween costume using arts and crafts supplies. You’ll find that you have everyday things that you can use. If you’re having trouble coming up with something on your own check out Pinterest for some cheap and easy ideas.

6. Use a Pillowcase For Candy

Follow the tradition of trick-or-treaters across the decades and use a pillowcase to store your candy. Not only do you get an extra large bag to stash your loot, but you’re also being green; imagine that!

7. Buy Candy in Bulk

Visit your favorite wholesale bulk store like Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s. These stores can save you some dough if you buy in large quantities. Buy Halloween candy in bulk to pass out or to save as a treat year-round.

8. Use Coupons for Candy

If you don’t belong to a wholesale bulk store like the ones mentioned above, try shopping around for Halloween candy to find the best deals. Remember to look for and clip coupons that will help you save even more.

9. Buy Hard Candies or Toy Treats

Did you know that buying chocolate treats can be more expensive than buying hard candies? Chocolates will likely be passed out by another neighbor, so save your money and purchase hard ones instead. You can also pass out less expensive Halloween-themed toys.

10. Trick-or-Treat Locally or in Your Neighborhood

If you have children, skip out on expensive events like those held at theme parks and trick-or-treat in the neighborhood instead. This is a great way to get to know and engage with your community while also saving a few bucks!

11. Celebrate from Home

Consider throwing your own spooky get-together with friends, or if you’re a parent, invite your children’s friends. Make it a potluck to offset some of the costs of hosting your Halloween party. This is a cheap and safe way to celebrate the holiday.

12. Decorate Using Items You Already Own

If you’re throwing a party, creating a haunted house or just passing out candy you can give your guests a scare using everyday items as decorations. Drape your furniture with sheets and use talcum powder to give it an eery effect. Use balloons with white sheets for floating “ghosts.”  Get creative!

13. Buy Pumpkins at a Grocery Store

Making a jack-o-lantern is a fun Halloween tradition, but can get costly if you buy from the wrong place. Instead of going to a pumpkin patch, purchase your pumpkin(s) at a grocery store, where you can sometimes find better prices.

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Author: Dianna

Dianna originally hails from North Carolina and is a proud alum of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Go Heels! Skilled at finding deals on everything from clothing to travel, she uses these super powers to help the BLINQ eCommerce team. When she isn't at BLINQ you can find her perfecting her salsa moves.