5 Easy Ways You Can Be a Green Shopper

I must admit that I wasn’t always the green shopper I am today. Like many of us, I used to think that the best way to save money was to buy the cheapest thing possible. After some life experience, I soon realized that being a cheapskate wasn’t the answer; instead, I began shopping with a sustainable mindset and the savings started rolling in.

Easy Ways to be a Green Shopper

Read below for five easy ways to change your shopping habits that will keep more green in your pockets and in your parks.

1. Bring Your Own Bag

Keep reusable tote bags in your car or by your front door to ensure you use them any time you shop. If you live in an area that charges for plastic bags, like DC, or that has banned them entirely, like California & Hawaii, having a reusable tote can save you a few bucks and decrease waste. The EPA found that only 9 percent of total plastic waste generated was recovered for recycling — so don’t contribute to this statistic!  

2. Buy Local or Natural Products

If you buy online or at a brick-and-mortar store, make sure to keep it local! Find out where the items you buy are being made. Buying an item that is shipping from overseas creates a lot more pollution because it uses several modes of transportation. Just imagine, the peas on your dinner plate may have been shipped from as far away as Kenya! Be a green shopper and use the USDA website to find grocery stores that sell local foods. These local stores tend to run specials on food products to keep them moving off the shelves since it is so fresh!

3. Use Energy-Efficient Products

I live by mom’s mantra of “turn off those lights!” Using a lot of energy can really make for an expensive electric bill. Thankfully, a lot of products today are made specifically to save energy. I recommend doing a little research to find energy efficient items like lights, tools, toys and electronics to help save money on electricity. Although you may pay a little extra for an energy efficient item up front, your energy use will decrease substantially — helping you save in the long-run. Plus, I love that these items tend to last longer and need to be replaced less frequently.

4. Buy What You Need

A great deal is hard to pass up, but all too often impulse purchases end up collecting dust in our closets.  These items lead to clutter and waste, and eventually end up in landfills that harm our environment. Next time you’re on the fence about a purchase, wait 24 hours and deliberate it. I have found that doing this keeps me from buying unnecessary cheap items and allows me to spend more on quality ones.

5. Shop at Companies With Sustainable Values

My guilty pleasure is online shopping. I can buy so much without having to leave my couch!  You can find great deals online especially if the company sells open box, refurbished, or gently used items.  Not only are you saving money, but you’re keeping these items from being trashed, forgotten and wasted. Shopping at sites like BLINQ, that offer deep discounts on new and like-new goods, keep you shopping green while shopping smart. That sounds like a pretty good thing for the earth and for your wallet — a definite win-win!

We’d love to hear what tricks you use to save money and positively impact the environment. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Author: Ben

Ben joined BLINQ in late 2013. Originally from the windy city of Chicago he has quickly made DC his new home. If you’re looking for a great outdoor activity that won’t break the bank he’s a pro at finding deals. When he is not biking around local neighborhoods you can find him in the kitchen whipping up a healthy meal!

26 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways You Can Be a Green Shopper

  1. AvatarShailesh Kamdar

    Can you furnish HOW and who started the BLINQ? What is the business model BLINQ is following etc.?
    Thank you

    1. AvatarDianna

      Hi, Shailesh. You can learn more about us by visiting Optoro.com. They explain how BLINQ got its start.

  2. Avatarranadurham

    tjhanks for this article always looking for the best deals thats organic ad local. you rock.

  3. AvatarMary Beth Elderton

    Great tips! I also have some “prettier” bags that I take to places other than grocery stores. People seem to think that “going green” is a big, all-or-nothing deal. If you just replace one bag per weekly grocery trip, you save 52 bags a year, and that’s an easy big deal.

  4. AvatarKay

    Great tips. I’d also add that I try to shop ONCE rather than using the petrol to shop several times. I try to plan ahead.

  5. AvatarAngela A Simmons

    Yes this is a very important subject. I try to grow my own food for the most part and support my mom and pop shops as much as possible. I have my own little bag that I bring with me so I dont have to use plastic bags.

  6. AvatarKathy H.

    Great tips! If you don’t have an immediate use for it don’t buy it! I look at my closets some times and thing what the heck was I thinking!

  7. AvatarSally Wilsey

    I try to use most of these as i am really into not leaving a carbon footprint for my children and Grandchildren.

  8. AvatarRandi C.

    During the summer I tried to go to the local farmers markets and when I could I would buy locally. It tasted so fresh and it helps supports our local farmers. Some of the larger marts have begun carrying local produce and I try to pick up fruits and vegetables when I can.

  9. AvatarDJ

    These are great tips. I think only purchasing what you need is a great tip. So many times, items go to waste due to over-shopping.

  10. AvatarElena Vo

    The “Buy what you need” tip is so true. In my family that’s what we teach our children as they are entering their teenage years.

  11. AvatarMegan C

    I love shopping local. I go to the farmers market each week to get local fresh produce.

  12. AvatarLaurie Nykaza

    Thanks for the tips on being green we try to shop green as much as we can it is so important to our family.

  13. Avatarcassandra

    Thanks for the tips! I always like bringing my own bags shopping. Much sturdier also!

  14. AvatarJill Myrick

    Great post ! We always carry our own cloth bags and buy locally as much as possible.

  15. AvatarLula Ruger

    I always bring my own bags to the store and try to shop green . We use organic and natural products when we can

  16. AvatarAmber Ludwig

    Leave your bags in your car lol!!! I dont know how may times Ive forgotten mine but its quite a few!! I thankfully live in a neighborhood that has a farmers market all year round and I just love it!! Thanks for sharing these great tips!!


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