3 Ways to Get (Remotely) Creative with Back to School

Remotely back to school

Fall is just around the corner and the traditional “welcome back to school” is looking quite different this year, for elementary schoolers and college kids alike. As we’re all adapting to a more digital and distanced world, it’s important to focus on the little things you can do to make each remotely back to school or work day not only fun, but productive!

1. Create your ideal space now

Turn any room into a home office – Having a dedicated place to take calls and tackle projects is key, but making that spot enjoyable is important! Even if you have a small office layout, sprucing up your space with a new office rug or office couch is a simple refresh to put a smile on your face 🙂

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Dormify your life – Although it’s not the ideal dorm room for this school year, a childhood bedroom can be easily upgraded to fit this next chapter. Color, for example, has a huge impact on your mood and productivity. So whether you pick a grey aesthetic, red aesthetic or somewhere in between, you can change the space all with a bucket of paint, a new bedspread or colorful accessories.

Keep kids in the classroom – If you were to look up confessions of a homeschooler, you would find that it’s better for kids to have a separate play area and remotely back to school space in the house. This distinction can help them stay on task, so set up the “classroom” in a way that excites them to be there and makes you happy to help. That means having the right aesthetic school supplies, computers and books – while saving toys and games for the other room.

2. Upgrade your tech on a budget

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You need electronics that you can rely on now more than ever. From tablets and laptops to AirPods and gaming consoles, you want to make sure that your technology is running smoothly to help your day go on without a hitch. On BLINQ, you can find all of this and more for as little as $100 – perfect for getting back to “normal” on a budget.

Screen fatigue is a real concern for professionals working from home and kids today, too. But there are fun things you can do to make screen time less work and more play. Try your hand at creating a remotely back to school background for video calls or a fun back to school GIF to share on Instagram!

3. Stock up on supplies for going remotely back to school

The days of piling kids into the family minivan with school supply checklists in hand are limited, but the need for those supplies is still real. Now on BLINQ, you can find essentials like a cool BTS backpack, a tablet or new clothes and accessories, like a back to school necklace, to start off on the right foot.

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Office supplies are in high demand right now, for basics like desk lamps, monitors and printer materials such as Epson 220 ink cartridges. Luckily, BLINQ’s Back to School Savings Sale is offering additional discounts on the essentials that remote employees need to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the work week.

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