13 GIFs For When You Score a Hot Deal

Savvy shoppers know that finding a great deal is less of a science, and more of an art. That’s why when we find something we love at an awesome price, we can’t help but celebrate!

1. Budgeting every month can be such a struggle.

Finding great deals isn't always easy

2. Sometimes it’s hard to find where all your money goes.

655x368_binoculars 2 gif

3. But then, like magic…you see it.


4. What. A. Hot. Deal. Shades off for this one.

655x408_audrey sunglasses gif

5. You’re thinking, “Is this for real?”

655x364_for real

6. OMG. Yes it is!

655x453_lisa kudrow jump

7. Time to buy. Take my money like …

655x368_apple pay

8. Now, you have to tell someone about this (so you know it’s real) …

655x476_kelly kapowski phone

9. …so you shock your BFF with it…


10. …and then you tell your work besties, and they celebrate with you!

655x262_work besties gif

11. You’ve even managed to impress your toughest critic!

655x368_ron swanson proud

12. Now that you know where to shop for deals, you’ll be swimming in savings …

655x251_swimming savings beyonce gif

13. … and that deserves a standing ovation!

655x296_gif excited minions

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Author: Candace

Candace joined BLINQ's team in 2013. She considers herself a pro at many things, but her specialties lie in finding tech deals, scoring affordable fashion and schooling her coworkers on all things pop culture. When she's not at BLINQ headquarters you can find her dominating a spin class.

5 thoughts on “13 GIFs For When You Score a Hot Deal

  1. AvatarMarti Tabora

    This cracked me up, mostly because it is so true. Definitely reminded me of myself. Thanks for sharing.


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