Video: 10 Items to Add to Your Holiday Packing List

Are you traveling during the holidays this year? I am, and chances are that you are, too! In fact, according to AAA, 1 in 3 Americans will be doing some sort of holiday travel before the end of the year. So whether you’re planning to travel home by plane, train or automobile, packing smartly will set the tone for an enjoyable and stress-free holiday season.

Beyond the obvious items like your pajamas and everyday clothing, there are a couple things you should always have on your holiday packing list. Here are a few of the items I’ll be bringing with me this holiday season: 

1. Slippers


Nothing makes me feel at home quite like wearing my favorite pair of slippers! Thus, I’m a firm believer in bringing a pair along with me when I travel so I can make any location feel more like home. Cold feet, no more!

2. Fan Gear

fan gear

Thanksgiving is about a lot of things — family, friends, food and as I’ve learned more recently, football! If you’re traveling over Thanksgiving this year, be sure to add some fan gear to your holiday packing list. After all, nothing goes with turkey quite like team spirit!

3. Loungewear


Much like slippers, loungewear is a must for holiday travel. In my family, the holidays revolve around food so I opt for a stretchy waistband any chance I get. After all the food is packed away, everyone gets together for a good old-fashioned family game night — which is also best enjoyed in loungewear.

4. Games


During our family game nights, a little friendly competition is common, so I always make sure to pack my newest favorite game to throw everyone for a loop. I also like to pack things like puzzles which go great with afternoon tea or cold nights by the fire.

5. Tablet


When I travel, I like to keep my bag as light as possible. That means loading up my tablet with all the books and movies I’ll want during my time away. It’s great being able to leave my clunky laptop at home, plus reading on my tablet saves me money! A clear win-win.

6. Headphones


Some people enjoy making friends with their seatmates on planes. I’m generally not one of those people. Hence, my trusty headphones go on the minute I get settled into my seat (a noise-cancelling pair is also a great idea if you like to catch some zzz’s on the plane). When I’m at home with family, I also use my headphones to watch movies on my tablet, or listen to Christmas music when it’s still too early for everyone else. If they weren’t already on your holiday packing list, don’t forget your headphones!

7. Selfie Stick

selfie stick

OK, OK, I know what you’re going to say…a selfie stick? Really? Yes! For moments when you want to take family photos that don’t have your brother’s arm in them, a selfie stick really comes in handy.

8. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker

If my notes on game night didn’t make it clear, my family thrives on competition. We all wear our own fitness trackers and see who can get the most steps in each day. Fitness tech is also really a great motivator when you’re on vacation, so I make sure to add it to my holiday packing list every year.

9. Camera


The holidays are full of memorable moments, so I never forget to pack my camera! Whether I want to capture my dad carving the turkey, or my family under the tree in our matching holiday pajamas, being ready with my camera allows me to take pictures that my family can cherish forever. If you want to impress everyone with your amazing photography skills, use these tips to take even better photos this holiday season.

10. Chargers


Is there anything worse than leaving for vacation and realizing you left your phone charger right there on your nightstand? Even if you think you’ll remember all of your various chargers and cords, add them to your holiday packing list. Now. Avoiding that blinking red battery or 10% power notification on your device will be well worth it in the end.

And there you have it — my complete list of must-haves to add to your holiday packing list! What will you be bringing home for the holidays this year? Let me know in the comments, and most importantly, happy packing!

Author: Charlotte

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