Ditch the Disposable & Better Your BBQ


Disposable plates, utensils, and cups are so tempting to use and that’s why they’re subsequently at every summer BBQ you attend. Yes, they cut back on dishes to wash. Yes, they are cheap and come in large quantities. And, yes, they are incredibly uninspiring and seriously pollute our landfills. It’s time they lost their place at the table.

Ok, ok! We know washing dishes is the last thing a host needs (or wants!) to do, but hear us out! The issue with using disposable products is that party goers tend not to care about them because they are disposable. Think about it: in a sea of identical plastic cups, how many times have you lost track of your own drink and poured yourself another one in a new cup, or grabbed a second helping of food on a new plate instead of using your “old” one simply because you could? When stacks of temporary products are in an eyeshot, we tend not to be cautious of how much we are consuming and instead assume they are limitless in quantity.

It won’t matter if I take another cup… and another one… and another one after that.”

A small party can easily accumulate two large bags of non-recyclable garbage for this reason, so unless you plan on hosting a party with more than 15 people, we strongly suggest that you consider investing in a set of outdoor-friendly, reusable dinnerware. Melamine dishware is incredibly lightweight, durable, dishwasher-friendly, and best of all, affordable. It’s the perfect choice for your summer BBQs.

Not only do these reusable products save landfills from unnecessary waste, but they look good doing it. There are thousands of styles for melamine dishware and the right look can help elevate the theme and ambiance of your party. The second disposable dishware is out of the picture, the more special an event feels. This tiny swap has that much of an impact on how a party looks and feels, and guests will certainly note your impressive hosting skills. Trust us.

Our last argument? Disposable plates are flimsy. Rarely is there ever enough seating at BBQs, which means most of us have to resort to the stand-and-balance combo if we want to dig in. For once it would be nice not to worry about bending, flimsy plates piled with baked beans, burgers covered in ketchup, bright red fruit, or any of the other high-stain summer treats spilling all over a white outfit.

It’s a big ask from us when you consider how many other moving parts there are for hosts to troubleshoot during a BBQ, but we still hope that the extra 10-minutes of dishwashing isn’t enough to deter you from giving the switch from disposable to reusable a second chance. Reusable pieces will last for years to come and their investment seems quite priceless when you consider how much they will change your party’s vibe for the better and help better our environment, too.

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