3 Ways to Liven up Blank Walls


3 Ways to Liven up Blank WallsAre your white washed walls looking a little dull for spring, but you don’t want to hire an expensive crew of painters? I’m totally with you. While prices for professional painting jobs will vary vastly depending on the level of skill and effort involved, you can expect to pay between $2 to $4 per square foot for even the most basic paint job (Source: Houzz).

Instead, take matters into your own hands. Here are three unique ideas to spice up your walls. Save money and heighten the “wow” factor of your home.

Wall Stencils

With a wall stencil, anyone can be an artist and create intricate designs out of paint with only a few supplies on hand.
3 Ways to Liven up Blank Walls  Thrifty Decor Chic provides a great step-by-step tutorial. The key to success in this project is to tape the stencil down so that it is exactly where you want it and is at a level angle. While the results of wall stenciling may look impressive, anyone could do it (yes, even all you stick-figure drawers out there).

What you need: foam roller, paint, wall-stencil, tape, bubble or laser level

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is a fun way to change up a boring wall and actually make it functional (you know, besides the fact that it’s integral to supporting the infrastructure of your house). Chalkboard paint will look great in your kids’ rooms and, as an added bonus, now you won’t need to be worried about them drawing on the walls. A win-win for everyone!
3 Ways to Liven up White Walls Don’t want to commit to painting a whole room with chalkboard paint? You can always just paint a thick strip of chalkboard paint as shown in It All Started With Paint. As this example shows, chalkboard paint, even without a bunch of chalk scribbles and drawings on it, can add an interesting effect to any room.

What you need: chalkboard paint, foam roller, tape

Fabric Wall Hanging Decor

Don’t feel like dealing with the messiness of paint? Canvas wall art can really liven up a blank space. While you could easily buy fabric wall hangings, why not try making your own for a more personal touch? Plus, you’ll most likely also save some cash by taking the DIY route.
3 Ways to Liven up Blank WallsThis post from One Project Closer provides clear instructions on how you can create your canvas wall art. Depending on the fabric you choose, these hangings are suited for all rooms of your house—from the nursery to kitchen!

What you need: wood frames, fabric, Heat ‘n Bond adhesive, fabric scissors, staples and staple gun, level, tape measure, nails, hammer

Are You Inspired to Upgrade Your Walls Yet?

I hope the next time you see a blank wall, you think about what it could be. With just a bit of creativity and hard work, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out BLINQ’s Home Décor on a Dime Pinterest Board for some more inspiration.

Author: Tanya

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