Useful Power Tools Even Renters Should Own


As a renter, chances are you’re not going to be responsible for making major repairs or renovations in your home. However, there will be surely be improvements or fixes you’ll want to make that your landlord may not be willing to pay for.
Useful Power Tools

Owning a few useful power tools will make it much easier to complete these small projects without having to hire someone. As long as you know what you’re doing, DIY is always the savvy way to go! (Speaking of savvy, if you’re looking for a good deal, BLINQ often has big discounts on an excellent selection of power tools by trusted brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee and Ryobi.)

Cordless Drill

Whether you’re hanging heavy pictures, installing shelving units, or want to anchor a dresser or bookshelf to the wall, a cordless drill will make things that much easier. Sometimes a hammer and nail just doesn’t cut it, or the elbow grease is simply not worth the effort.

However, it’s important to understand that drilling screws into a wall will create a rather large hole, and most landlords are not cool with that. Make sure you invest in a spackling kit before you move out so that you can patch up your walls and get your full security deposit back.

Stud Finder & Laser Level

If your walls are paper thin, as many apartment walls are, you’re going to need to hang pictures and art strategically so that the weight is supported. A stud finder will help you find the wooden beams that support your walls. You’ll want to nail or drill into those studs since they are much sturdier than the drywall your walls are likely made of.

While we’re on the subject of hanging art or shelves, don’t forget to make them level! A laser level is an infinitely useful tool for DIY projects like this and will ensure that you don’t put unnecessary holes in the wall by having to re-do your work.

Lawn Mower or Trimmer

Depending on what kind of green space you have at your rental, you’re going to want to upkeep the landscaping — you want your landlord to like and respect you, remember? If you have a full lawn, a lawn mower will make it easy to keep your grass in tip top shape. If you have more of a garden with some patchy grass, a trimmer will do the trick.

BONUS: For the DIY Crowd

If you love a good DIY, or are interested in doing a few DIY projects to save a pretty penny on expensive furniture and finishings, you might want to consider getting a handheld sander and a staple gun.

A handheld sander (also called a palm sander) will be a huge help in refinishing wood surfaces. Whether you’re stripping an old kitchen table of its paint or stain to re-do it, trying to achieve a vintage look on a new table, or building something new entirely (some pallet furniture, maybe?) the last thing you’ll want to do is spend hours upon hours sanding something down.

Similarly, you might be planning on recovering or reupholstering furniture. Or maybe you want to make one of those awesome tufted headboards that are all over Pinterest. If so, a staple gun will be, well, a staple in your toolbox by providing sturdier and faster results than glue or nails could ever dream of.

What kinds of projects do you complete as a renter? Have any go-to power tools I missed? Tell us in the comments!

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