Fun & Functional DIY Projects for the Kids Room


Fun and Functional DIY Projects

Looking for a fun rainy day project to do with the kids? Here are a couple great do-it-yourself home improvement projects that will actually get everyone in the family excited.

Stuffed Animal Storage

Do your kids toys and stuffed animals end up all over the floor? Here’s a creative idea for keeping them more accessible, while also making it more fun to put toys away.

Stuffed Animal Storage

Photo credit: The Griffiths Garden

This zoo storage idea from The Griffiths Garden won’t take a lot of work or carpentry skills, but you can easily make it your own with paint, stickers or other personal touches.

What you need: bookcases, ruler or measuring tape, bungee cords, power drill.

Skateboard Bookshelves

Skateboarding is not a crime! And neither is showing off your beaten up old skateboards in all their glory. Add a personal touch to your little skater’s room by repurposing old decks as shelving, creating a fun way to display books, trophies or other collectables.

Skateboard Bookshelves

Photo credit: Being Brook

You can find versions of this project that use clean decks without wheels attached, which is a much more polished look, but I prefer this version from Being Brook that uses the entire skateboard.

What you need: old skateboards, brackets, a level, stud finder, power drill.

Outdoor Tire Swing

Tire swings harken back to days when people found ways to repurpose extra materials and kids ran around barefoot in fields. If you live in the city or the suburbs, your kids are probably not running around barefoot in fields, but there’s nothing saying you can’t have a backyard, or even indoor, tire swing of your own (who said anything about “for the kids”?)

Outdoor Tire Swing

Photo credit: Steven Depolo

You could find ready-made swing kits for purchase online, but that’s no fun (and certainly not frugal!). House of Hepworths shows you step-by-step how to build your own tire swing. For extra fun, you might let the kids paint the tire and adding varnish on top to preserve their art work.

What you need: An old tire, power drill, various hardware (see the House of Hepworths link for details).

That’s just the beginning …

I hope these awesome ideas not only inspire you to get thrifty with stuff you already have, but also help you spend some quality time with your kids building a creative habit!

Have an awesome Kids Room DIY project you want to show off? Leave a comment!

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