Closet Perfection: 5 Easy Closet Organization Tips


It’s hard to feel like your closet is perfect. Between not having your dream wardrobe nor the closetspace to even consider it, closets often cause a lot more anxiety than we’d care to admit. However, there are easy ways to make your closet work for you, regardless of its size or what’s in it. As the temperatures begin to change with the arrival of a season, so do the fashions that come with it. A new season is a great time to size-up your closet to not only find what seasonal outfits need to be brought to the forefront, but also to find what needs to be donated (or even tossed!). Here are some of our favorite closet organization tips that will help keep thing in order as well as maximize your space to make your closet anxiety-free.

Prioritize by what you reach for the most.

Your closet should be organized in a way where the things you will be grabbing the most are the easiest to get to. Think about it: when you have to dig to both find and put things away, that’s when your closet beings to look like a disaster scene. Every closet has its own rolodex of staples, most of which are year-round. Whether it’s the dress shirts you wear to work everyday or a rotation of your favorite jeans, the items that you will always reach for need to be front and center since they will be searched for and put away the most. Make it easier for yourself to not only to find these items, but also put them away without disrupting the rest of your closet.

Think seasonally.

Going off of the above point, you also reach for seasonal items more. Simply, your beloved summer shorts don’t cut it in the fall and winter. Thus, it doesn’t make sense that they take up valuable closetspace when you aren’t going to wear them again for another 6 months. We aren’t telling you to toss your shorts, or any of your other summer apparel for that matter, but rather, to move them elsewhere so that you can store the items that you’ll actually wear.

Your closet should always be organized by season. In the winter, sweaters and coats trump frilly and sheer floral summer dresses. If your closet space is big enough, simply place all of the out-of-season apparel in the back and move the in-season apparel to the front. If you have drawers or shelves, stack the more seasonal items on the top. If you don’t have the space in your closet to do so, take everything out of your closet that won’t be worn during the season and consider storing those clothes in vacuum storage bags. These bags can hold anywhere between 20-40 pieces of clothing and take up very little space once “smooshed”. Consider slipping them under your bed or lean them along a closet wall. When you’re ready, switch out the contents with the arrival of each new season.

Get better hangers.

Your hangers may be the biggest problem in your closet. Many hangers are clunky and can take up a lot more space then they theoretically should. These hangers often rob your closet of inches of otherwise free space that you didn’t know you had, as clunky hangers trick you into thinking that your closet is fuller than it is. So too, clunky hangers make it harder to pull and put items back in your closet.

Yet, even worse than a clunky hanger is a hanger that makes clothes slide off of. What is the point of a hanger if it’s not going to do its job? We suggest getting slim space-saving hangers with velvet grip that will immediately clear up some space and make your apparel easy to grab, organize, and hang.

Get creative with organizers.

Using organizers is a must for a better closet and you don’t need fancy, custom organizers or built-ins to make the most of your space. Multi-level shoe racks are really effective at making the most of your floor space. Not only are simple shoe racks great for holding shoes, but if you get a rack with flat shelves you can also use the rack to store folded pants and shirts, too. Bins are great for holding smaller items and accessories, like belts and scarves, and seasonal items such as bathing suits, and hats and gloves.

Declutter your closet!

Lastly, the most important thing in keeping an organized closet is to constantly be cognizant of what’s in it and to be watching what you buy. We don’t think we are going out on a limb when we say that when we reach into our closets, we reach for the same mix of items over and over again. Many pieces in our closets haven’t been worn in ages, and seldom are there ever real plans to wear those pieces, either. When it comes to these rarely worn items, whether they are of the “what was I thinking when I bought this?!” camp to “this was my favorite top 15 years ago!!” troupe, it’s time to cut your losses and consider parting with them. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you probably won’t start wearing it now because you would have worn it already. It’s time to donate those pieces, repurpose them for clever new uses, or trash them if they are beyond repair and move on.

Additionally, it is also important to monitor how much you are buying. It is easy to purchase new clothes left and right, but if you don’t have the space for it, that means you might need to get rid of something else to make room. This is a great rule of thumb to go by if you shop constantly and always find your closet filled after a clean-out: for each new item you buy, an old one gets tossed. On the other side of the coin, truthfully, you might not need the piece of clothing you are going to buy. You may love the print, but it might not go with other items in your closet rendering it useless once you own it, or, you might have purchased an outfit for a one-time use. Avoid these blunders and buy for the long-haul. Look for pieces that will stay in style, can be used between seasons, worn to different events, and match with things you own already.


Keeping a clean, organized closet feels so good and really does make all the difference in how you get ready in the morning. While keeping things organized does take effort, it makes the process of finding and putting things away far easier in the long run. We challenge you to take a look at your closet and see if there is anything you can thin out as you rearrange for the new fall season.


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