7 Easy Ways to Save Water

Americans, on average, use 100 gallons of water a day at home while the typical household spends up to $500 annually on their water and sewer bills (Source: U.S. EPA).

Water is a limited resource and a costly one at that. Here are seven ways to save water in your own home.
7 Easy Ways to Save Water

1)    Doing laundry accounts for nearly 22% of your indoor home water use (Source: National Geographic). Save water by adjusting the settings on your washing machine to the proper load size. And think twice about whether you really need to wash that pair of jeans you’ve only worn once.

2)    We all know that long luxurious showers are lovely, but they also waste a ton of water. If you keep your shower under 5 minutes every day, you will save over 1,000 gallons of water per month (Source: Water Use It Wisely).

3)    Looking to renovate your bathroom? Look for bathroom sinks, faucets, toilets, and shower-heads that have the WaterSense label, which are 20% more water efficient than their average counterparts (Source: U.S. EPA).

4)    Since we’re on the subject of shopping, if you’re looking to upgrade to new a clothes washer, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency maintains a great database for researching energy efficient clothes washers that save water.

5)    Closely monitor your water bill for unusually high costs that may indicate a leak. Not always obvious to the naked eye, leaks are one of the most common reasons for spikes in your H20 usage. In fact, if you assume a faucet is dripping at the rate of one drop per second, you’ll waste around 2,700 gallons of water per year (Source: American Water). To check if you have any leaks, read your water meter, then don’t use any water for 2 hours, and finally, re-check your water meter. If there’s any change in water usage, you probably have a leak. Also, try to regularly read your water meter before the bills pile up. The Meter Readings smartphone app makes it easy for you to monitor your household water consumption. (Check out these other phone apps that can help you be green!)

6)   Wash your fresh produce and veggies in a pot of water rather than under a running faucet. You’ll save H20 and can then reuse the leftover water for other household purposes, like watering plants.

7)    While kitchen sink disposals may be convenient, they also require a considerable amount of water to operate. Instead of using a garbage disposal, why not try starting a compost pile to dispose of food waste?  Check here for some composting tips from Organic Gardening.

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How do you save water in your own home? 

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    Interesting post, Tanya. Also, if you have outdoor plants or a garden then rainwater harvesting can help you save a lot of water each year.


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