5 Frugal and Beautiful DIY Nursery Project Ideas

We all know that babies – as cute as they are – can incur many costs, some of which we don’t anticipate. If you are into the idea of decorating your little one’s room, our best advice to keep it stylish, but frugal, and to work on DIY nursery projects that can grow as your baby does.

DIY Nursery Project Ideas

Choose DIY projects that use elements that can either be repurposed to serve a different function once the child is older, or has a theme that will last through the ages. Need a tool or two two get a project done? Don’t forget to shop BLINQ’s tools & home improvement section to save up to 70% on top brands like DeWalt, Ryobi, and Milwaukee!

Multipurpose Tip

Kids have a lot of toys. As very young babies, they won’t really play with the toys, but eventually they will grow to be able to do so. When that happens, these awesome and super easy wire planter “shelves” will be the perfect home for the many bits and bobs. Until then, they make excellent frames for some of the kid’s more decorative dolls and stuffed animals.

Convertible Furniture Idea

When it comes to DIY nursery project ideas, this desk converted to changing table might take the cake in terms of easiness, functionality, and longevity. We love the idea of finding a classic piece of furniture that you can repurpose into something for baby, then revert back to its original use.

Changing Table Idea

Photo credit: Love Laundry Blog

Here, a beautiful desk becomes a changing table with a few coats of paint and the necessary changing table accessories. Once the days of diaper changes are long behind you, remove the fixtures, and this piece becomes baby’s first desk, where he/she can color, read, and practice their ABCs.

Upcycling Idea

We love upcycling! Especially when you think about how expensive (and unsightly) storage bins can be. Why not repurpose some of your diaper boxes into stylish storage pieces – you probably have plenty to spare. As long as you are only going to be storing light and dry items in these boxes (such as clean diapers, boxes of wipes, onesies, baby booties, blankets, etc.), the cardboard will definitely hold up against the weight, and the burlap helps take these boxes from functional to fun and stylish! As the baby grows, these boxes can be repurposed to hold almost anything; toys, chapter books, action figures – whatever you like!

Frugal Design Tip

For a super easy themed room, “book art” is a perfect solution as all it requires is some cheap, hangable frames, and a few pages from a recycled book. Peruse a few secondhand book stores or a Goodwill to see if there are any children’s books for sale.

Wall Art Idea

Photo credit: Honey We’re Home

Follow the tutorial to see how to easily get the pages out of the book, and you have yourself some art! As your child grows up, you can swap out the book pages to match his/her changing taste in literature.

Festive, but Frugal Design Idea

While this DIY is not the easiest, it could be the coolest project for a nursery or kid’s room. These hot air balloon lamps only require a few purchased elements, and otherwise utilize items you probably already have lying around like tin cans and string. Once this project is completed, it provides a visual centerpiece in the nursery, and when your baby grows, the lamps can act as a perfect ignition for make-believe play! Don’t forget to check BLINQ’s tools & home improvement section for the tools you might need to get this DIY completed.

DIY projects are certainly the way to go if you want to cut down on the cost of preparing for a baby’s arrival. How did you decorate your nursery?

Author: Rishon

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16 thoughts on “5 Frugal and Beautiful DIY Nursery Project Ideas

  1. Avatarkelli

    loving the idea of turning a desk into a changing table. that’s never crossed my mind before.

  2. AvatarKaty

    Those wire planter “shelves” are super cute and practical! I did change a shorter dresser into a changing table for my daughter. We just removed the changer recently and it looks great! I’m all about framing book pages and calendar pages for DIY art!

  3. AvatarToni

    I love the ideas can’t wait to share with my daughter ,who’s trying ,after she’s pregnant.

  4. AvatarAmber Ludwig

    Love the desk into changing table!! What a great idea for a smaller nursery! Staffing the hamper under is awesome!! Also love the framed book art!! Great touch!!

  5. AvatarLisa Garland

    Such great ideas! Really like the upcycling and wire planter shelves idea!!

  6. AvatarDianna Davis

    Such a beautiful room for any little one–and what great ideas to grow with them– thanks for your thoughts

  7. AvatarLinda Manns Linneman

    I just love these great nursery ideas. Thank you so much for sharing

  8. Avatarvickie couturier

    how cute,,and looks easy to do too,ill pass this along for sure

  9. AvatarJames Robert

    I really like the desk conversion. You can store diapers or whatever needed for baby in drawers. Great idea!

  10. AvatarJo-Ann Brightman

    there are so many good ideas here. I Love the idea of changing table into a desk.

  11. Avatarlisa

    Those are good ideas. Most young parents don’t have much money, yet want a cute nursery.

  12. AvatarEmily H

    Lovely ideas! My neice is having her 1st and I really want to make it special for her.


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