New Home Decor Trends That Will Last, Without a Remodel


When it comes to fashion, trends are changing every minute. However, home decor trends tend to stick around for a lot longer— it is far easier to buy a shirt than it is a sofa, after all. Every few years when a new wave of home decor trends comes along, we are always excited to see what changes we can make to freshen up our homes… without completely remodeling or spending a fortune.

We’ve always found that the best way to spruce up our homes is to repurpose what we already have so that we can reduce waste, stretch the lifespan of products, and save money. A little DIY project is always fun, too! With that said, here are our favorite home decor trends that aren’t only gaining popularity, but are easy to incorporate into your own home, too!

Gold Kitchen Fixtures

Gold is everywhere. We first saw gold make its huge entrance into home decor in smaller home decorating accents, which was subsequently followed by its use in larger furniture pieces. Now, gold has made its way into the kitchen. Silver kitchen fixtures, such as cabinet knobs and faucet spouts, have been a staple of kitchens for decades. However, gold is now heavily challenging that sentiment. While no one (that we know of at least) has opted for a gold fridge yet, people are slowly incorporating gold in their kitchen fixtures. If you’re a fan of the gold craze, make the subtle, yet impactful adjustment and swap out your current cabinet and drawer knobs for gold ones. The switch will instantly change the look of your entire kitchen, without the headache or cost of a renovation.



Believe it or not, wallpaper has made a comeback. While many might cringe at the thought of wallpaper (those ‘90s floral prints, anyone?), the use of wallpaper in this decade is much more refined. Instead of covering every square inch of a living space in frilly prints, many are using wallpaper to cover a single wall to act as an accent.

By only covering one wall rather than all four, eyes won’t become overstimulated and your room will look poshly decorated. Additionally, you can be a little more bold, if not more aggressive, with your choice of print since there will be less of it. Regardless of what print you opt for, wallpaper is an easy thing to put up on your own and is fairly inexpensive. Simply, pick a print that complements your current furniture and your entire space will feel like new.


Photo Walls

We all have dozens of photographs, so we might as well put them to use! The ‘stylized clutter’ look of photo walls are all the rage. If you’re still a skeptic of wallpaper, creating a photo wall is a great option to create a dynamic accent wall, guaranteed to make a statement. Pro-tip: Buy frames from garage sales and flea markets. This way, you can collect different looking frames (for less, too!) and achieve that coveted miss-match look.


Bar Cart

Bar carts are a simple and classic accent piece that can upgrade the look of any space. Not only are they easy to fit in almost any corner, but they are functional too. Their intentional purpose may be to hold bar necessities, but bar carts can really be for anything that you want them to be for. Display plants, books, office supplies— the list goes on. Bar carts give you the extra storage space and ability to display your items beautifully and functionally.


A [Better] Workspace

Between the personal clerical work you do to keep your life in order and with companies offering more frequent opportunities to work from home, a workspace at home is a must-have. And we aren’t talking about using your dining table as a two-for-one or a sad makeshift desk somewhere in place of a real “office”. You deserve a dedicated workspace that actually makes you excited to work.

If you don’t have an exclusive room in your house to transform into an office, it’s OK! Pick a peaceful corner of your home and set up shop. We suggest a spot that is quiet and has great natural light (working in the dark is so unmotivating). If you don’t already own one, buy a desk to claim and anchor the space. They are fairly inexpensive and come in a multitude of sizes to fit anywhere, but any old table can be hacked to work, too! To make the area look more exciting and fit in with the overall surrounding space, buy some nice decor pieces that double as office items (gold pencil cups and a gold desk lamp, perhaps?). Lastly, putting up some shelving will really make the space look official and give you extra functionality and storage. Your envy-inducing pop-up office is now complete, and it is one of the fastest rising home decor trends.


Velvet Pillows

Textures and textiles have always been one of the most important things interior designers consider when decorating a space. This trend go-around, velvet is king of fabrics and we have a hunch that it will be for some time. Velvet has been topping more couches then ever and you can include this fad in your own space without completely reupholstering your furniture. Throw pillows are a great way to add the luxe and soft feel of velvet, while sticking to budget and limiting its use (there can be such a thing as too much velvet). We recommend buying— or even making— velvet pillow covers and then slipping them over the current throw pillows you have now. It’s a simple way to give your home an elegant and on-trend upgrade, especially one that looks far more pricey than it really was!


Having a designer home doesn’t require a professional decorator or even deep pockets. Simply, having a home that fits with the current style is easy to do and involves making use of what you already have. If anyone tells you that your entire space needs an overhaul… ignore them! Good design is about utilizing what you already have, not replacing it. We hope this list of new home decor trends gives you some inspiration of what you can “upcycle” in your own home to make it the space of your dreams. 


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