5 Romantic DIY Gift Ideas For Every Budget

When we’re in love, we want to make our significant other feel special. But fancy dinners and lavish gifts can take a hefty toll on the bank account, without expressing how we really feel.  This year, instead of spending a lot of money, make a DIY gift that is personal and meaningful.

Romantic DIY Gift Ideas

Here are my five favorite romantic DIY gift ideas that will make your sweetie fall head over heels.

1. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With a DIY Memory Box

Do you remember when Lloyd stood outside Diane’s Window in Say Anything, playing the song from their first night together? Of course, you do — it was iconic! What makes this scene so memorable is simple. Lloyd took things to the next level by reminding Diane of a very special memory that they shared.

You can take that concept and apply it to a DIY project that highlights special memories in your relationship.

Create a DIY memory box, like this one from Dwell Beautiful, that stores and displays tickets and knick-knacks from special events that you’ve attended together.

DIY Gift Idea: Memory Box

Photo credit: Dwell Beautiful

While I can’t promise that your significant other will hear Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes when unwrapping it, the results will still be pretty darn good!

2. Heat Things Up With a DIY Fire Pit

Wow your partner by building a sleek DIY fire pit from scratch, like Chris from Man Made DIY did. This DIY gift idea requires a bit more “elbow grease” than my other project ideas, but I promise it will totally be worth it!

DIY Gift Idea: Fire Pit

Photo credit: ManMade DIY

Not only does this outdoor home improvement idea show that you’re committed, but this project is also a gift that keeps on giving. You and your loved one can spend tons of romantic evenings cozied up next to the fire. The best part? The materials cost about $50 or less.

3. Plan Ahead With a DIY Date Jar

Another DIY idea that is sure to keep you and your loved one spending fun quality time together is giving the gift of pre-planned dates. These dates should be heavy on fun and creativity, and not too heavy on spending. Think: a picnic in the park.

My favorite way to gift these romantic dates is by making a date jar or a “12 months of dates” booklet.

DIY Gift Idea: Date Jar

Photo credit: Budget Girl

Try to incorporate some of your favorite activities to do together. For instance, if you both like to run, then plan a date where you go for a morning run and then grab coffee a your favorite coffee shop. A less athletic alternative is a marathon viewing of your favorite show.

4. Light Things Up at Dinner With a DIY Candle

One of my favorite dates, and relatively frugal ways to treat my significant other is by cooking a really nice meal (and yes, this can go in the date jar!). You can make it a fun bonding activity by cooking together. Or you can pamper them by whipping out your fancy dishes, some flowers and candles, and doing all of the work for them. You’ll win some major bonus points if you include a fun and easy DIY candle at the dinner table.

DIY Gift Idea: Candle

Photo credit: Hello Glow

Also, don’t forget the romantic power of a great recipe. If you want to get inspired, here are some inexpensive DIY dinner ideas.

5. Encourage Your Love With “Open When” Letters

Letters are one of those DIY gift ideas that really holds a special place in my heart. They are  hands-down my favorite thing to receive.

To turn this idea into a special gift, you can write your loved one “Open When” letters that include thoughtful notes, silly pictures or whatever will bring a smile to your faces.

DIY Gift Idea: Open When Letters

Photo credit: The Dating Divas

A lot of people do this for long distance relationships, and it’s just as fun when you live close by. You can say things like “open if our favorite sports team loses” or “open when you’re upset with me”…better yet, “open on our anniversary.” LDR magazine has more “Open When” letter ideas to get you inspired.

Final Word of Advice

Don’t limit yourself to being romantic one day a year, use these tips any time — whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas or just a token of love for any regular day of the week! Being thoughtful and loving all the time is what’s truly romantic.

If you want to treat your loved one to something truly special (without breaking the bank), focus on being a generous yet frugal gift giver. Remember kids, as J. Lo once said, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

Have more DIY gift ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. AvatarCole Marie McKinnon

    Love the notion of loving any day of the week, rather than just on Holidays.

  2. Avatarsheila ressel

    These are some great ideas. I especially like the date night jar. I’m going to start one of my own!


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