Clever Kitchen Appliance Hacks + Slow Cooker Giveaway!

Here at BLINQ, we’re all about being resourceful — and in the kitchen, that means saving on kitchen essentials, finding new and thoughtful ways to use ingredients, and making the most of your kitchen appliances.

One kitchen appliance we can’t live without? The slow cooker; so we’ve decided to give one away!

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Whether it’s a hearty soup in the winter, or delicious pulled pork barbeque in the summer, slow cookers are a great way to whip up quick and healthy meals year-round. But did you know the slow cooker has other uses for the kitchen and beyond? Don’t miss our favorite slow cooker hacks below, plus other inventive ways to use the blender, stand mixer, and waffle maker.

But first, enter to win! Entering is easy — simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win. The giveaway ends on March 29 and one lucky winner will be chosen on March 30.

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Now, ready to make the most of your kitchen appliances?

Read on to learn our favorite appliance hacks for four popular appliances: the slow cooker, stand mixer, blender and waffle maker.

Slow Cooker Hacks

There are many reasons to love slow cooking: it’s easy to do, time-efficient, and the results are delicious! Best of all, using a slow cooker can even save you money. But, it gets better. Beyond cooking your favorite breakfast to dessert recipes, with a little know-how and a few appliance hacks, you can use your slow-cooker in many creative ways, too!

Need to melt chocolate in a double boiler or steam some vegetables in a pinch? Your slow cooker has you covered. If you’re feeling crafty, it can also aid in at-home DIY projects; think things like homemade soap, and candles, which also make great gifts. One of my personal favorite ways to use the slow cooker is to make sweet-smelling potpourri. Simply add your desired ingredients (things like sliced oranges, lemons, apples, and cinnamon sticks work well), cover ingredients in water, and set cooker on low to medium-low heat to work its magic.

Stand Mixer Tips

Stand mixers are a classic appliance that can be found in most kitchens across the country (they make great wedding gifts, too!). They can also be one of the more pricey appliances in your kitchen, so it’s a good idea to make the most of your stand mixer and attachments.

For example, while you may traditionally use your stand mixer for cake batter or cookie dough, you can also clip in the paddle attachment to easily whip up mashed potatoes or even shred meat for chicken salad or pulled pork sandwiches.

kitchen appliance hacks - stand mixer

Blender Tricks

When you think of a blender, you probably think of fruit smoothies or frozen drinks; and blenders are great for those! But your blending options don’t stop there. The blender is a hugely versatile appliance that can help prep everything from soups to batters to sauces. On the savory side of things, have you tried making fresh salsa, pesto or hummus in your blender? Or on the sweeter side, whipped cream or chocolate mousse?

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can also use your blender to create liquid compost. Simply add your food scraps, coffee grounds, and so on into your blender, add a cup or so of water, blend, and pour directly onto your soil. Voila! A great appliance hack if you’re a gardener, or aren’t into having a compost bin on your countertop all the time.

Waffle Maker Hacks

Ah, the waffle maker, responsible for those fluffy, golden waffles you enjoy on a Saturday morning. But did you know the waffle maker is capable of so much more? In fact, the options for cooking with your waffle maker are seemingly endless! Try everything from waffle iron hash browns to brownies to cookies and even cinnamon rolls. In my opinion, the waffle iron is one of the more fun appliances to experiment with, as it’s easy to use, and the results always tend to be golden-brown and delicious.

kitchen appliance hacks - waffle maker

Do you have any favorite kitchen appliance hacks? And while we’re talking hacks, allow us to let you in on a little money-saving hack: find your kitchen tools and appliances on to save money on the brands you love, and find new products you’re sure to love. A win-win!

Author: Emily

Emily is a recent UVA grad trying to find her way in this thing they call the “real world”. When she’s not learning about 401(k) plans or budgeting for her next online shopping spree, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen or scouring the district for the best cup of coffee.

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