Find the Perfect Gift for a Foodie

Gift-giving can be stressful if you’re not sure what to give someone – especially when you have an aspiring chef in the family and the only time you use your oven is to store sweaters (I know Carrie Bradshaw can’t be the only one).

Find the Perfect Gift for a Foodie

Lucky for you, I’m a bit of cook myself, and I’ve put together a killer recipe (see what I did there?) for finding the perfect gift for a foodie!

1. Get Back to the Basics

Being basic isn’t all jeggings and pumpkin-spice lattes – it just means starting off with the fundamentals (which is important for anyone aspiring to be anything great). Cooks that are just starting out often don’t have a fully stocked kitchen at their disposal. The aspiring chef in your life will appreciate traditional kitchen tools that will last a lifetime. You can never go wrong with a classic KitchenAid Mixer or a great piece of bakeware.

2. Stock the Staples (With a Twist!)

As someone who loves to cook, I need a well stocked pantry of staple ingredients to start any dish – things like salt, olive oil, and other spices.  That doesn’t mean I want a box of Morton Salt from Santa this year – any chef would appreciate a specialty take on a classic kitchen staple. Instead of regular table salt, look for a sampler pack of exotic sea salts.  Experiment with flavored and infused olive oils that blend oil and spices.  These perfect gifts will be sure to please any gourmand!

3. Slow it Down or Mix it Up

I have a confession to make – I don’t spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal, even though I love to cook, because who has time for that? That’s why I’d like you to say hello to my two best friends, the slow cooker and the blender. If the foodie in your family doesn’t have these two items already, either would make a perfect gift.  

Slow Cookers are notoriously easy to use, and extremely versatile – you can create meals from breakfast to dessert and everything in between. The same goes for the blender, which isn’t just for smoothies  anymore!  With both appliances, just throw the ingredients in, press a button, and voila – a meal masterpiece that will have everyone thinking you cooked all day!

4. Start a Cookbook

Warning – I’m about to get sentimental. The best gift I’ve ever received was a handwritten cookbook from my grandmother.  I use it at least once a week, and the real gift is following a recipe handed down for generations.  Even if you’re not the best chef, you probably have a recipe that everyone loves.  Jot down your favorite recipes, and have other friends and family members contribute their own.  The chef in your family will appreciate the time and effort you put into their one-of-a-kind cookbook, and cherish it for years to come.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to whip up the perfect gift for an aspiring chef in no time! Still struggling to come up with ideas for the perfect gift? Check out our holiday gift guide for literally (cue my Chris Traeger impersonation) hundreds of gift ideas!  The cook in your family will be glad you did – and thank you by providing a delicious homemade treat.  Yum!

Author: Katie

A Tar Heel born and bred, Katie hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. When she isn’t writing or shopping online, you can find her hiking a mountain trail, perfecting her no-bake cookie recipe, or secretly reading romance novels on her Kindle.

10 thoughts on “Find the Perfect Gift for a Foodie

  1. AvatarAmber Ludwig

    Love the cookbook idea!! Super fun and fairly inexpensive but an heirloom item to keep and add to forever!! I agree with getting back to the basics!! It was so funny when we moved into our new place and realized we need to update or just didn’t have any basics!! What a pain!!

  2. AvatarDana Rodriguez

    These are some great ideas! I really like the tip about gifting exotic salts and oils.

  3. AvatarLula Ruger

    These are all really great ideas The salts and oils are nice and you could add a few spices and make a nice gift basket

  4. AvatarLinda Manns Linneman

    These are some wonderful gift suggestions. There are alot of things on this site I would like for myself. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. AvatarSarah L

    I don’t store sweaters in my oven. I store potato chips.
    Good knives are a good gift.

  6. AvatarSarh S

    I love to cook as well, but I agree… the slow cooker and blender definitely help out a lot with cooking.

  7. AvatarCindy S.

    My hubby is a total foodie. We have lots of gadgets and seasonings etc…. I see some nice ideas here!

  8. Avatarkelli

    i love the idea of a handwritten cookbook! i wish i had received one from my grandparents before they passed.

  9. Avatarsheila ressel

    These are some great ideas! This will sure come in handy next Christmas.

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