Buying Cookware: 3 Essential Tips to Save You Money


Great cookware is the cornerstone of any kitchen. Not to mention it can have a big impact on how you cook! But if you’re like most and don’t have an arm and a leg to spend on fancy pots and pans, or if you’re not sure how to buy cookware, fear not.

Use these three simple tips to save money on quality cookware, and we promise you’ll be saying Bon Appétit in no time. After all, buying cookware is just the first step — the best part is actually cooking with it!

1. Buy in sets

Whether you’re setting up your first home or are simply looking to upgrade old or worn cookware, buying cookware in sets is a great way to get quality pieces at a price that won’t break the bank. Once you’ve decided what kind of cookware is right for you, opt to buy in a set and you’ll find it makes buying cookware quick and easy.


Buying cookware in sets is a great way to save on essential pots and pans.

Most basic cookware sets include two frying pans (one small and one large), two sauce pans (small and large), a stockpot, and sometimes even a few utensils, like a spatula and slotted spoon. If you’ve ever wandered into the kitchen section of a department store, you know that purchasing these items individually can add up quickly. When you buy in a set, you get everything you need, all together — and at a great price!

2. Shop Open Box

Another great way to save money when buying cookware is to buy open box. Open box items are like new products sold at a vastly discounted rate because the original packaging has been slightly damaged. By checking sites that sell open box items (like, you can find luxury and name brand goods at a fraction of their retail value. This includes things like cookware, bakeware, and more!

If you have a basic cookware set but want to add more pieces, shopping open box is a great way to add to your culinary collection, and an easy way to save some green in the process.

3. Know When to Shop

There’s a best time to buy everything. For things like coats and swimwear, you can find amazing deals by shopping off-season. When buying cookware, one of the best times to shop is from November to January.

In advance of the holiday season, retailers often discount cookware along with other home goods. Couple already low prices during those months with all the bigger holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you’ll score name-brand cookware at major discounts.


When shopping for cookware during the rest of the year, always be sure to check off-price retailers for the best deals. BLINQ, for example, works with major retailers to help sell their excess and returned inventory. This means you can find name brand items at prices much lower than you’d see in traditional retail stores.

So whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind stock pot or a handy cookware set, it’s easy to maximize your savings when you use these tips to buy cookware. And for year-round deals on pots, pans and other kitchen essentials, be sure to check out BLINQ’s cookware selection.

Do you have any tips or questions on how to buy cookware? Sound off in the comments below!

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A Tar Heel born and bred, Katie hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. When she isn’t writing or shopping online, you can find her hiking a mountain trail, perfecting her no-bake cookie recipe, or secretly reading romance novels on her Kindle.

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