Barbecues that Don’t Bust Your Budget

Nothing says summer like a delicious barbecue!  They’re a wonderful way to get together with friends and family, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time.  Break out the slip ‘n’ slide and get grilling with these easy money saving barbecue tips.

Barbecues That Don't Bust Your Budget

1) Make Your Own Dry Rub

Dry rubs add complex and smoky flavors to meat, poultry and fish.  While you could buy a dry rub, you likely have most of the ingredients in your kitchen to make your own.  Need some inspiration? Check out Southern Living Magazine’s recipe for a classic dry rub!

2) Pick Affordable Cuts

You don’t need to buy the priciest cuts of meat for a great meal.  Swap porterhouse steak for skirt or flank steak and boneless chicken breasts for flavorful legs.  Heck, meat doesn’t even have to be the star of the show—barbequed tofu is more affordable and can be just as delicious as its meat counterparts!

3) Go with Budget-Friendly Recipes

Pick recipes that are light on your wallet.  When planning your barbecue, proactively seek out recipes that are light on your wallet. Check out this collection from My Recipes for meal ideas that cost less than $2 per serving.

4) Ease up on the Fuel

People often overestimate how much fuel they need and that cost will add up quickly.  When using a charcoal grill, keep in mind that 3 pounds of charcoal will usually cook enough for 4 to 6 people.

5) Make it a Potluck

Encourage friends and family to bring their favorite side-dish or dessert. You’ll find people love to pitch in—sometimes they just need a little direction. Providing a sign-up list is a great way to keep people organized.

6) Be Nice to Your Grill

Once everyone’s bellies are full, give your grill some much needed TLC.  You put your grill through a lot and you don’t want to have to shell out extra money to replace it prematurely.  Real Simple Magazine provides step-by-step instructions that will keep your grill looking and working like new.

7) Shop Smart

Looking to beautify that grill with some new accessories for your next BBQ?  You can get great deals on home and garden products if you just shop around a little.

Enough reading! It’s time to light the pit and crack open a beer.  Happy Grilling!

Author: Tanya

Born and raised in NYC, Tanya is a recent D.C. transplant, who has enjoyed exploring the city's lively music scene. She believes online shopping is the best form of stress reduction. Scoring great deals on BLINQ helps prevent her from seizing when looking at her credit card statement every month.

3 thoughts on “Barbecues that Don’t Bust Your Budget

  1. AvatarCarol

    I LOVE fish tacos! I’ll be making those tonight 🙂

  2. AvatarJenny Belly

    My husband always makes a big production out of grilling as soon as the season starts but buys all new supplies and buys lots of fancy cuts of meat. It always ends up being a big upfront expense and since I’m not a huge meat eater it would be a lot simpler for me to make the foods I like in the oven. It’s ok because it’s fun but it’s definitely not a whole lot cheaper to grill (the way he does it) haha Maybe I can convince DH to lay off the brickets and I’ll try the tofu you recommended.


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