7 Cool Uses for a Stand Mixer and Attachments

So you are considering purchasing a stand mixer, but you’re not sure what you can actually do with it. That’s ok because we are here to help! Stand mixers like ones made by KitchenAid can be very powerful machines on their own, but with the right attachments they’re absolutely magic! From making pasta to chopping vegetables for your homemade salsa recipe there is something for everyone. They’re also pretty easy on the eyes and make a great addition to your kitchen (as a tool and decor).

Cool uses for stand mixer and attachments

Here are some cool things you can do with a KitchenAid stand mixer and some attachments.

Use Included Attachments

KitchenAids generally come with three included attachments. These three really pack a punch and can help cut the time, stress and fatigue of prepping your baking ingredients by hand.

1. Stir, Mix A Lot
The flat edge beater attachment is nothing to scoff at. Simple in its design, this all-purpose tool allows you to mix, beat or mash ingredients to make baked goods like cookies, brownies or cake. If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, then you can easily use this attachment to make a mean guacamole.

2. Whip It Good (for Your Baked Goods)
The wire whip attachment is a great way to furiously whip ingredients into beautifully frothy and foamy textures.

These eggs don't know it yet, but they're about to be transformed.

These eggs don’t know it yet, but they’re about to be transformed.

Using high speeds, this attachment injects extra air into mixtures and increases their volume. This would be a perfect tool to make meringue cookies, which calls for eggs to be beaten at high speeds. If you want to make an everyday condiment check out this homemade butter recipe using your stand mixer.

3. Knead Your Dough
KitchenAids typically include dough hooks helps you with your dough kneading for bread making. Instead of tirelessly pounding and stretching your dough by hand, this handy attachment does it for you in a fraction of the time. Check out this bread recipe for inspiration to use the dough hook.

Use Extra Attachments

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with your included attachments, it’s time to explore what other culinary feats you can tackle with added attachments. The uses for these attachments widely range from dessert making to preparing homemade italian meals.

1. Scream for Ice Cream
KitchenAid allows you to create and customize your own frosty treat with the ice cream maker attachment. This attachment can make up to 2 quarts of any frozen dessert including ice cream and sorbet in 30 minutes or less. It’s easy to use and the recipes to choose from are endless.

2. Pasta La Vista Baby
For those who consider box noodles an “impasta” (did you see what I did there?), you’ll love the pasta maker, roller, cutter attachment. It allows you to make your own customized pasta dishes.

Are you hungry yet?

You too can recreate this picturesque moment, with just one tool.

This nifty little attachment can replace up to six different tools including: a pasta roller, bench knife, pasta machine, pasta wheel, pastry scraper and butter paddle.

3. Stuff Sausages (No puns needed here)
Making your own sausage is easy with the sausage stuffer attachment. If you purchase this extra item you’ll save yourself from buying a clunky large kitchen appliance that you may not use too often. Plus you get to take control of the ingredients you eat in your sausage by creating your own.

4. Juice and Be Appley Ever After
Just when you thought your stand mixer couldn’t do more, you discover it can make you fresh squeezed orange juice. Use the citrus juicer to extract juice from your favorite fruits. Worried about getting pulp in your juice? Relax. The attachment traps seeds and pulp for the best glass of juice.

We hope you enjoyed our list of 7 cool things you can do with a stand mixer and attachments. Did you enjoy the bad puns too? We hope so. Leave your comments below if you have questions or comments about this article. Even if you have comments about something else. Leave ‘em! We love hearing back from you.

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    I’m definitely going to consider getting a stand mixer when I have a kitchen with room. There are so many uses and awesome sounding attachments (some of those mentioned here I didn’t know about). Right now, we barely have counter space to function… I hate it. So much. Why did I have to start cooking when I lived in an apartment with the smallest kitchen I’ve ever had??

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    I’ve been wanting one for so long but had no idea of all the uses and things I can do with it

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