5 Ways to Save Money on Your Caffeine Addiction

Are you a certified caffeine addict? Does your morning revolve around that first life-affirming hit of sweet nectar? Do you sip on your coffee house beverage while posting memes to Facebook warning coworkers not to speak to you until you’ve had your fix? Have you ever had an impassioned discussion about the glories of the French press? If so, you probably know, or at least suspect, how much your habit costs you.

Save Money on Caffeine

If the thought of giving up your morning caffeine is too great to bear, here are a few ways to save money on your caffeine addiction.

Make Your Own Coffee

If you’re a caffeine addict who is serious about saving money, grinding your own is the way to go. A good coffee maker is an investment in your future. Find a favorite bean, buy it in bulk, and save a bundle over the course of a year. I own a stainless steel Cuisinart with a built-in bean grinder that’s served me faithfully for over a decade. If you get a programmable model, you can easily set it to start making your morning cup automatically. Waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee already made and ready to drink is one of life’s great joys.

Plan Ahead and Simplify

If you just can’t break up with your favorite barista, there are ways you can save money a few cents at a time. Choose a less fancy drink. Bring your own travel mug (some places charge you less if you do). Look for deals online before you venture out for coffee. Join a loyalty club. Include your coffee shop trips when you plan your weekly grocery budget so you can stay on track.

Try Some Alternatives

Of course, there are other caffeine delivery systems besides coffee (or so I hear, anyway), which offer their own money-saving opportunities. Many caffeine addicts swear by energy drinks, which are often cheaper than coffee and can be bought at a discount in bulk. You could break out your favorite tea kettle and pick up some new flavors. My favorite place to buy tea online is Adagio. They offer a great gift certificate and rewards program. I’ve gotten hundreds of dollars’ worth of free tea over the years.

Reduce Waste

One great way to get more from your caffeine dollar is to reduce waste. If you buy loose leaf tea, you can usually get multiple cups of tea from the same leaves, or put in half the amount of fresh leaves in with the old. Similarly, if you’re brewing your own coffee, you can mix 50% used grounds with fresh beans for that second pot. Your taste buds won’t know the difference, and you’ll only use half as much coffee. (Just don’t try this trick after leaving those grounds in the pot for a day or two.)

Reuse and Innovate

Choosing to make your own coffee has an added bonus: the grounds! Coffee grounds can be used as a compost, a pesticide, and a deodorizer (I put a cup of old grounds in the fridge instead of baking soda). Pour unused coffee into an ice tray and make coffee ice cubes.

You can also make your own flavored creamer at home instead of buying it at the store. A quick Google search will reveal tons of money-saving recipes — and best of all, places a lot of coffee tasting in your immediate future.

Have you discovered any money-saving hacks revolving around your caffeine addiction? Tell me about them in the comments! For more money saving hacks in the kitchen check out our clever kitchen section!

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