Valentine’s Day Gift-Guide: What to Get Your Love

Valentine’s Day isn’t terrifying. We promise.

Let’s start here: Valentine’s Day is what you make of it. From being too mushy or too in your face, Valentine’s Day can get an eye-roll from both singletons and couples alike. However, we believe that Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap because of how we are told to celebrate it. If you’re single, claim the day by celebrating yourself (hey, you’re awesome) or your with your friends. If you do have a special-someone, bypass the overly theatrical and commercial Valentine’s Day in favor of doing something a little more low-key and special instead.

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is another eye-roll inducing, if not stressful, aspect of Valentine’s Day, but that’s why we’re here. We have our best ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. Spoil yourself (because you deserve it) or a loved one with our suggestions. Hopefully you can feel good about how you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year and crush the holiday with ease!

For Her

Ok, so there’s jewelry, but that can be expensive and a little overdone. So, what else is there? Try some of these gifts out:

Designer Shades

A pair of designer sunglasses from Tom Ford, Prada, Chloe, Marc Jacobs or Ray-Ban are a smart gift. It also helps that designer shades aren’t as expensive when compared to other designer items (luxury bags cost a small fortune!). What’s even better is that there are many sales on sunglasses, especially during the winter months (hello, February!). This means that you can surprise and delight your special someone with a smaller gift in addition to the new shades… like flowers, cough. We’ll consider that a total score.


Usually people consider fragrance to be a hard buy when it comes to a gift idea: “What if they don’t like how it smells?”  Truth be told, we can see where this concern is coming from. We’ve all been in an elevator with someone who bathed in something we can only describe as ‘chemical rosebud’. However, when it comes to your love, you know them (and what they like!) best. Take a look at some of the fragrances they might own already and see if there is a similar profile to how they smell. Are a lot of them floral or fruity? Sporty or feminine? Go from there.

So too, take a look at other ‘smelly’ items that she owns, like candles. Not that your love would want to smell like a candle necessarily, but they can be a good indicator to the scents that she gravitates towards— sweet vs. musty, vanilla vs. more complex smells, so on. If we can’t convince you enough here, just remember if you bought it and liked the smell of it, she will too just off that principle!

Apple Watch

If you really want to go all out, and we mean all out, we suggest an Apple Watch. Functional for the athlete, worker bee, social butterfly, techie, and fashionista (gosh, we’re out of breath), the Apple Watch does it all. The smart gadget has many uses that your gal will especially enjoy. Splurge a bit and make sure to get a band that matches her personality.

For Him

We’ve said time and time again: guys can be hard to shop for because they “Don’t really know. Don’t really care. Don’t really need anything.” …Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

Bluetooth Headphones

A pair of headphones are a great gift idea for any guy— everyone listens to music after all! Depending on your price range, you can get an awesome pair of high-quality bluetooth earbuds for a totally reasonable (read: inexpensive) amount. However, if you wanted to up the ante, go for a pair of high-end wireless headphones. The sound quality in most stellar brands, such as Senneheiser and Beats are incredible and worth the splurge. Talk about the best Valentine’s Day gift… like, ever.

Fitness Tracker

When it comes to keeping fit and on top of your game, any ‘s/o’ would appreciate a fitness tracker watch. If you are with a real fitness buff, the smart tool will be an exciting new gadget for him to test out at the gym… and well, everywhere else. Your man will get a kick at checking his resting heart rate while he watches TV and he will enjoy being able to stay extra healthy with it, too!


Mentioning this idea again because it is pretty universal. Most guys don’t think to buy, or want to buy, something ‘cosmetic’ like fragrance because it probably isn’t a priority of theirs. But, that’s not to say that they don’t want or need it. Your man will love smelling like a scent that you picked out. If you love the fragrance you pick out for him, he will wear it all the time just to smell like something you like! Trust us.

For Your BFF

Galentine’s Day, anyone? We like to think that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating romantic love, but love in general! Show how appreciative your are for your BFF’s love and support (and for those weird midnight phone calls when you need to chat about the epic season finale of a show you just binge watched!). Here is how to make her Valentine’s Day with one of these suggestions:


The harsh winter weather come February can be brutal. Buying a nice, warm, and stylish pair of gloves is a cute and practical gift that won’t break the bank.


We aren’t talking about a bazillion dollar piece here, but a nice piece of fashion jewelry, such as a simple pair of gold hoops or a statement necklace makes a really sweet gift. Pay homage and embrace the cliche-ness jewelry gifts have received on Valentine’s Day and give your friend a stylish piece to rock.

Nail Day

Gift your friend a trip to the nail salon with you! Everyone needs a day of pampering and a good manicure every now and then. Not only can you spend quality time with your BFF catching up on gossip, but you can be sure to make your friend’s week by paying for her awesome nail polish job.


Saving the best for last here. Remember that it’s important to love yourself, too! If you feel like you’ve been neglecting your needs, or honestly, just want another excuse to spoil yourself, take Valentine’s Day as your reason and run!

That one item you really, really want.

When you think about it, your relationship with yourself is the longest one you’ve ever had. That’s totally worth celebrating. If there is one item that you have been eyeing, jump in and buy it! If not now, when? You deserve something special for yourself!

Valentine’s Day can be a weird holiday for some. But, we have to admit that we love the holiday for the unconventional reasons we’ve started to associate with the holiday. Celebrating romantic love is one thing (and important!), but reminding our pals and ourselves how much we appreciate their love is important, too! We hope you enjoy spreading the love this holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day! X’s and O’s!

Shop all of these gift ideas and many more on our special Valentine’s Day #BLINQfinds gift page! Steal some deals and steal hearts… get to it!

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