Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get for Everybody on Your List


Our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide is here!

The holidays are hectic, no matter how you cut it. No amount of holiday cheer or stress-eating 20 Christmas cookies can fix that— well, at least not permanently, anyway. While the holidays might be crazy because of all of the travel and packed schedules, the most stressful thing about the holidays is the gifting (we won’t even mention the wrapping!). Over the holidays, you might spend a lot of time racking your mind to pick the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Thankfully, we are have our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to help!

We are covering all of our best ideas and top-wished-for items for everyone on your list. From your mother to your super weird cousin that you have to get something for, we’ve got you and the 12 people on every must-buy-for list. It’s time to feel at ease this holiday and snag the title of ‘World’s Best Gift-Giver’ with zero effort. Warm up some hot chocolate and get ready to online shop! Here is our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide:


If you have a special ‘Her’ in your life, you already know of the anxiety around getting her something she might hate! If your ‘Her’ hasn’t dropped millions of hints as to what she would like, here are some surefire ideas to guarantee to a squeal of delight when she opens your gift!

  • High-End Bag
    • Tory Burch, Prada, Michael Kors, and Gucci, to name a few of our favorites, are all well-known, excellent quality, and fashionable brands for bags. A designer bag from one of these brands won’t set you back too much (we have great deals!) and will be sure to get you major props! A classic looking bag in a neutral tone is your best bet if you are unsure about what style to get.
  • Flower Subscription
    • Many national flower companies, like UrbanStems, offer flower delivery subscriptions where they will send your recipient a special flower delivery weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, for however much time you’d like. Fresh flowers are a delight and this is a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving well past the holidays. Plus, it might be our most unique idea on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.
  • Earrings
    • Jewelry is a big statement as there is often more of a sentimental value associated with jewelry gifts. That being said, it can be hard to shop for jewelry because of the price, style, and the worry of showing too much sentimental value if your relationship isn’t there yet. A simple pair of gold or silver earrings are a simple, hard-to-mess-up pick that will sweeten any holiday.


Let’s face it: guys are incredibly difficult to shop for. Not to pigeonhole, but guys aren’t as obvious as ladies can be when it comes to what they want. “I don’t know, whatever. I’m not picky. Maybe a shirt? I don’t care.” can only help you so much! Here are some better ideas of things he totally wants but won’t say it… or might not know it yet!

  • Headphones
    • Everyone listens to music, so you can’t go wrong here! When you listen to music through a pair of high-quality bluetooth headphones, it’s pretty life-changing (we suggest the over-the-ear style and not buds for the guys!). Not only is this a practical gift, but a trendy one too. Beats, Sony, and Sennheiser all make a great pair, and we always have great deals on them, too!
  • High-End Leather Goods
    • Belts, wallets, a nice pair of shoes, oh my! If your guy has had the same wallet or belt for years that’s falling apart, or needs to step up his wardrobe with a nice pair of desert or Chelsea boots, a quality leather good is a perfect gift. Most of these items are in the right price range too, meaning you can often get a second or third gift to include. Bonus! …and totally worthy of a spot on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide list.
  • Fragrance
    • We’re going to be honest: most men, ahem… don’t really think about items like this, which means they won’t typically buy or ask for these items. However, it doesn’t mean a gift of cologne is a bad choice. Men love things like this once they get them. You also can’t go wrong on the scent! If you picked it out and they know you like it, they would wear it just for that reason: to smell like something you like!


Moms are the best, but most moms are too humble and still think of you as a little kid. They would NEVER DARE ask you to buy them something ‘unnecessary’, much less lead on as to what they want this holiday. Thankfully, we have insight as to what Mom wants. (We chat on the phone every Tuesday.)

  • Tablet
    • From our scientific research* (*examining our own moms), moms lose their freaking minds over tablets. From CandyCrush to Scrabble, emails, and online shopping all at Mom’s fingertips, your mom will sink hours into her new gadget… and will also think she is hip and high-tech now that she has one— which is totally cute. Just make sure that you have some time to answer her calls about how adjust the brightness when she forgets the instructions you gave her 100 times!
  • Spa Certificate
    • This is a really thoughtful gesture that Mom will love. Look up some spas near Mom’s house and give them a ring. Most spas offer gift certificates for their services and can mail/email the certificate to you or Mom. Make sure it’s a reputable place with stellar reviews, and give her a luxurious day of pampering!
  • Scarf
    • If you’re on a budget or if your mom would get upset that you spent a lot of money on a gift, a scarf is the perfect option. They are fashionable, practical, and affordable. A scarf is a sweet gift that will get you a hug from Mom, which secures it spot on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.


Whether he is angry about his sister-in-law’s lengthy holiday visit, the amount of heat being used throughout the house, or his back pain from restringing the outdoor lights 10 times, Dad still loves the holidays. Here’s what you can get him:

  • Tablet
    • This is the only duplicate item on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, but like moms, dads also lose their freaking minds over tablets. Give your dad access to a whole new world with never-ending options of things for him to do. But, again, make sure you have time to answer some phone calls when he needs your help with how to use it!
  • Vintage Item
    • If your dad has a hobby or high-interest in something, get him a vintage or antique item relating to it. This will show that you really listen to and admire him. If he is interested in building, search for an antique tool. History buff? Find antique memorabilia. Sports freak? A vintage ball or jersey makes a great gift!
  • Tools
    • Dads love tools and anything related to home improvement. Even if they are void of handyness, dads will try their best to pretend to be an expert craftsman and engineer. Give your dad something to smile about this holiday and pick up some nice new tools for him to fix (or accidentally destroy) things with.


Your pal is there for you through the thick and thin. They might not need anything big, but a small, thoughtful gesture to show how much you appreciate them will mean a lot to them. The holiday is all about spreading love after all, right?

  • Designer Sunglasses
    • If you really want to spoil your friend, a pair of designer shades is the perfect choice. Ray-Ban, Prada, Gucci, and Tom Ford make some of our favorite styles! We like this idea because these shades often look more expensive than they really are and there are many sales on designer shades, too (from us, obviously)!
  • A Friend Date
    • Experiential gifts are some of our favorites to give and receive. Take your friend out on a friend date: go on an adventure, take them out to a nice meal, goof around. A day with your pal is the perfect gift for splurges and savers, alike!
  • Gag-Gift
    • This is your best friend we’re talking about here. If you can’t get a gag-gift for your best friend, who can you get a gag-gift for?! Pick out something funny and get ready to laugh this holiday.


Chances are, you’ll be hopping to a bunch of holiday parties this season. That means the Host or Hostess  had to be included on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide list. Bringing a small hostess gift is proper, no matter what your relationship to the host is. Wine is a little overdone, and can sometimes be inappropriate, so here are some other options to bring the host:

  • Marble Wine Chiller
    • Practical and stylish, a wine chiller is the better alternative to the stale bottle of wine. This might be our favorite idea on our Ultimate Gift List, by the way. …Which totally means you need to do this.
  • Wooden Cutting Board or Cheese Board
    • In sticking with the practical hostess gift theme, a wood cutting or cheese board is a nice, budget-friendly choice too. No one is going to turn down another functional kitchen item, especially one that looks good!
  • Candle
    • A candle is a homey gift to get someone who is welcoming you into their home. Pick a sent that is pretty neutral and you should be set!


We all remember being that teen or pre-teen who was so over receiving kiddie gifts during the holidays (queue the bunny suit scene from A Christmas Story now). Don’t be the person that gives the let-down gift and pick one of theses options instead:

  • Earbuds
    • A pair of bluetooth earbuds are a necessity to teenagers. Teens chew through so many cords that they will be happy to have a new pair to block out any sort of family conversation with.
  • Amazon Fire Stick
    • Because who doesn’t love to binge watch and stream?! Any teen (and adult!) would seriously appreciate the all-in-one streaming device. It’s a nice gift with a good price, so it’s set to make you and the recipient very happy.
  • Money (*sigh*)
    • Yeah, so there was no escaping this one. It would have been wrong if we didn’t include it on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. Teens love cash, it’s what they want most of all. You won’t look like you didn’t care. You won’t look like you didn’t spend time or weren’t thoughtful enough. You will just look like the really cool person who cut to the chase and gave the teen what they wanted most of all.


We would trade anything to be kid during the holidays just one more time: it was the best! Give the kids you know the experiences and memories of an epic holiday reminiscent to the ones that you had as a kid with some of these non-tech gift ideas!

  • Snow Toys
    • Snowboards, sleds, snowball makers, and snow paint are all great and affordable picks certain to give kiddos the time of their lives this winter! Nothing beats fresh air and a good snow day.
  • Toy Accessory Sets
    • Many kids are interested in toys that have many accessories that are sold separately and either build up a collection or add to a larger kit. If they are interested in Legos, get a lego accessory set. Barbies and Dolls? Get a new outfit or accessory, such as a car or furniture set.
  • Work with and ask their Mom or Dad (& Santa!) what they got their child and build off of it.
    • If the kid was given a bike, buy the helmet, horn, or customized “license plate”. Were they gifted a nice doll? Buy a stroller, accessory kit, or an outfit to go with it! Just make sure that they were given the base gift first and that they weren’t already given what you were planning on giving!


We’re going to speed past this one here:

  1. Aunts: Candles, throw blankets, or something monogrammed with family name/initial
  2. Uncles: Sports team items, nice leather belt, desk puzzle/accessory
  3. Cousins, Nieces & Nephews: Phone accessories, scarf, budget sunglasses

Boom. Done.


The salary that you are using to buy these holiday gifts with is heavily influenced by your boss. It’s best to always include them over the holidays, especially if you are seeking that raise or promotion! So too, many bosses act as mentors and advocates. It would be rude to not gift them anything over the holiday. Just keep it professional and quaint with these options from our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide:

  • Desk Accessory
    • A nice desk game or puzzle, a plant, decoration, or customized name plate is always a safe bet, especially if you and your boss don’t have much contact and you know little about them and their interests outside of work.
  • Book & Nice Travel Mug or Water Bottle
    • Getting a book shows your boss that you are a sharp cookie. Buy a book that you love that relates to what you do, or something you think they would be interested in. Gifting another side gift, such as a travel mug or water bottle makes it a little more exciting.
  • Something practical & personal
    • So this one varies depending on how well you know your boss. If they are a big sports fan, get them a piece of their team’s merch. If they were joking with you not having an umbrella after coming in soaking wet on a rainy day, get them an umbrella and some nice (read: not from the pharmacy) chocolates to soften the joke. Busy mom? Get her some higher-end hand cream and a nice picture frame for her to stick a family photo in at her desk.


You see your coworkers more than you do your own family or best friends. While you might not be super close with your office-mates, it’s still a nice option to do something for them, or at least to keep a few spare gifts in your desk drawer in case someone gifts you something!

  1. Ladies: We suggest nice lip balms (Glossier, perhaps!), glosses or lipsticks for the ladies. This is a budget-friendly choice while still being a great gift that recipients still want to receive. Many cosmetic companies will sell large lippie kits during the holidays with multiple shades that you can break up and give individually.
  2. Gents: For the guys? Try whiskey stones, glass or travel tumblers, coaster set, cards and chips, or cocktail mixers and tools.


Don’t think that you can bypass this holiday season without treating yourself! You deserve to be included on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. You need some love, attention, and R&R, too! …And we bet we don’t need to talk you in as to why. So what do you get yourself?

  • That one thing you really, really have been wanting.
    • Do it. You deserve it, so go for it!

WHEW! And that is the end of our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide! A lot to get through, but important nevertheless! We all have to shop this holiday, so it’s important to trust your gut and shop smart. Be sure to shop at retailers who give back and are sustainable, too. (*Cough*, hello, us.) 

Remember that no matter the gift or what you spend, that it’s the quality time you dedicate to your loved ones that matter— the gifts are just the side piece. Cliche, we know, but true! We hope our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide gave you some ideas to make holiday shopping a breeze this season. Now, enjoy the holidays and save us some cookies!


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