Shopping Green While Shopping Smart

Shopping Green While Shopping Smart

As a savvy shopper, you know that customers like yourself come to BLINQ to get good deals on quality products. But did you know that buying from BLINQ also helps the environment?

If you are very familiar with our site and product offerings, you know that in addition to many brand new items, we also offer “like new” items in open box, used or refurbished condition, which may have been returned goods or floor models. Unfortunately for the earth, when retailers don’t know what to do with returned or lightly used goods, they are typically shipped back and forth between distribution centers or are destined for a landfill (even if they are perfectly good products!), ultimately wasting a ton of fuel and other resources like paper-based packing materials.

Because of the way we source these products — by partnering with some of the country’s biggest retailers — when you buy from BLINQ, you are helping to support a more streamlined and less wasteful method of getting products in the hands of consumers. Thanks to awesome customers like you, we can work together to give these products a vibrant new destiny.

Our business model saves consumers money while also being green!

And our parent company Optoro recently upped our commitment to the environment by naming Ann Calamai Director of Sustainability.

Ann will focus on expanding efficiency and sustainability both for Optoro and BLINQ, as well as for all of our customers.

This means that she’ll make sure the way we source BLINQ’s products are as efficient as possible — after all, when it comes to the supply chain, high efficiency makes for a reduced impact on the earth (less wasted fuel, packing materials, and the like).

What does this mean to you? Ann will ensure each purchase on BLINQ makes the smallest impact possible on the environment (and thus, the biggest impact on your wallet, too!). In our office and our warehouse, BLINQ tries to be as green as possible in all we do. We don’t use packing peanuts, all of our packing boxes are recyclable, and we use double-sided shipping labels to minimize waste. And she wants to make us even greener!

Ann is excited for this opportunity and the company’s commitment to being eco-friendly:

It’s refreshing to have the opportunity to work with a company that has environmental protection embedded in its values. Though we’re already taking many steps to be eco-conscious, I’m excited to be able to take those efforts one step further so we can make a bigger impact in offsetting our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions both in and outside our facilities.

She is currently looking at how we can make our packing even more environmentally friendly and is exploring new ways to decrease our shipping footprint. (Fun fact: did you know there are packing materials made out of mushrooms!? Maybe one day we will see these kinds of materials in BLINQ’s packages).

Closer to home, Ann — a year-round bike commuter — is working to heighten our team’s awareness of sustainability and is implementing in-office green initiatives. Afterall, it’s important to practice what you preach. (Learn how BLINQ embraces green living and what steps our staff  take to be green every day!)

We are excited to bring Ann on board for this exciting new role and look forward for her to continue and improve our commitment to sustainability. We know that’s what our customers expect and what the environment deserves!

Interested in learning how to make greener choices? Check out other articles in the Live Green section of our blog for more tips — big and small — on living a green life!

Author: Rishon

Rishon is a millennial to the core, enjoying the spoils of modern life & documenting it on social media. Never one to be suckered into paying full price, Rishon is skilled in hunting down a deal. If only she could reconcile the satisfaction of saving with her tendency toward impulsivity (she's an Aries). When not at BLINQ HQ, Rishon can be found watching live music in DC.

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    Your prices stink. I can buy most of this stuff on the web new for these prices

    1. AvatarDianna

      Thanks for reaching out about this. We strive to provide our customers with the best prices on every product we sell, that’s why we have our best price guarantee. If you find a lower price elsewhere, feel free to reach out to our customer care team at to let them know.

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