Open Box, Refurbished, or Used? Untangling the Jargon

What does Open Box mean?

As a savvy shopper, you already realize that the biggest online shopping discounts are usually not on high-profile, just-released and brand new items. Instead, the best savings can be found by waiting a few months until prices drop and buying things slightly off-season. The smartest of shoppers also know to bargain shop for the biggest deals of all:  “open box”, “refurbished” and “used items in good condition”.

What do the terms open box, refurbished and used mean? And why are these items so heavily discounted?

BLINQ wants to help you better understand your options, so you can be a fully informed shopper, who always finds the right deals!

What Does Open-Box Mean?

An open-box item looks and feels brand new, although its packaging can sometimes show some wear and tear. But you don’t really buy a product for the box it comes in, so do you really want to spend more money for prettier packaging?

Open-box products are often unused returns, or demo models from retail locations that just can’t be sold as “brand new” anymore. Some of the products may have never even been powered on, but have merely been removed from their packaging at some point. As a result, these products are heavily discounted even though you can expect them to function as if they were new. professionally tests all open-box products to ensure they are fully functional, and that they look and feel brand new.

”Open-box” deals are one of the best “open secrets” of the savvy shopper — it’s the perfect way to get a like-new product for a fraction of the original retail price.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished products are returned items in excellent condition that have been reconditioned and repackaged. Most often, these are items that have been professionally inspected and repaired or reset by the manufacturer. As such, a refurbished item will work just as a brand new one would, only it may show minor signs of wear. Refurbished items may also come in special packaging.

Refurbished items are usually heavily discounted, even more so than “open-box” items.

What Does Used Mean?

Buying “used” is how you can find the cheapest prices, but not all used products are of the same quality. How can you guarantee that the lowest price is also the best deal? There’s a huge difference between buying a used item from an individual on Craigslist and buying a professionally inspected item from a retailer such as BLINQ.

At BLINQ, we only sell used items that pass our rigorous testing process, and we stand by our promise to give our customers the best price on every one of these items.

Take-Aways: The Right Deal for Your Needs

Often, even the savviest shoppers miss out on great deals simply because they may get swayed by glossy packaging and the thrill of being the one to break the plastic seal. But when you’re looking for amazing values, open box, refurbished and other “like new” deals  can be golden opportunities to get great value for your money. The key is finding a retailer you trust. is here to help you on your path to saving more money. So next time you’re looking for ways to get more value for your dollar, consider how much you can save by purchasing a “like new” item.

Author: Eduardo

Eduardo is a recent grad who’s still getting acclimated to the real world and the stricter budgeting it brings. Originally from Brazil, Eduardo balances his budget so he can indulge his varied interests (and impulse purchases), while also saving to visit his tropical homeland. No matter what he's doing at any given time, rest assured you’ll find him near food.

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