The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays, because we get to recognize the most wonderful group of people on the planet: amazing mothers! Mother’s Day is about celebrating, appreciating, and thanking our hard-working and loving ‘mommas, and sneaking in a small gift as a token of gratitude is always a gesture mom appreciates. From small gifts under $35 to impressive and special gifts, we’re covering a few of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas!


Sometimes, we want to pull out all the stops for mom! From our scientific research (AKA examining our own moms), moms lose their freaking minds over tablets. From CandyCrush to Scrabble, emails, and online shopping all at Mom’s fingertips, your mom will sink hours into her new gadget… and will also think she is hip and high-tech now that she has one— which is totally cute. Just make sure that you have some time to answer her calls about how adjust the brightness when she forgets the instructions you gave her 100 times!


The macaroni necklace you made in first grade can step aside! If you are looking for a really nice gift to show her how much you appreciate her, consider a nice piece of jewelry. Today, beautiful, high-quality pieces don’t even need to cost that much. Of course, something dripping with rare diamonds might be out of the ballpark, but, a simple necklace that’s plated in gold with a gemstone pendant or a simple statement ring could be the perfect gift and quite affordable for what it is!


The old stand-by gift is always a good idea! Just make sure that you order from a sustainable company and try to use a local florist near mom to cut back on delivery emissions if you can’t deliver them yourself.

Spa Certificate

Moms need time to relax! So consider gifting her a trip to a spa local to her. Most spas offer gift certificates for their services and can mail/email the certificate to you or Mom. Make sure it’s a reputable place with stellar reviews and give her a luxurious day of pampering!


If you’re on a budget or if your mom would get upset that you spent a lot of money on a gift for her, a scarf is the perfect option. They are fashionable, practical, and affordable. A scarf is a sweet gift that will get you a hug from Mom.

Designer Accessories

A designer bag, designer sunglasses, or designer perfume might be the perfect gift for your stylish mother. Surprisingly, as far as designer items go, accessories tend to be quite affordable! At BLINQ, we offer huge savings on these items, meaning that you can snag brag-worthy goods at a fraction of the cost! A Tory Burch or Michael Kors bag or wallet, Prada or Ray-Ban shades, or a perfume by Versache or Burberry is sure to be a perfect gift, especially when you get a huge discount on them at BLINQ, too!

Photo Album

This one is a real tear jerker. Creating a special photo album to give your mom on Mother’s day is the perfect gift if your mom is the sentimental-type. Not only will the photo album document all of your amazing family memories, but also, is a very affordable option as it relies on soe=me DIY work— you could easily create one for under $10 and have an amazing gift in the end.

Our mothers are amazing, and while a gift sure doesn’t express all our thanks, they sure do make the recipient feel special. Isn’t that what Mother’s Day is about?! To everyone celebrating & being celebrated: Happy Mother’s Day!

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