Gifts for Him: What He Wants This Holiday Season


Let’s face it: buying gifts for him is a challenge. Guys are incredibly difficult to shop for, especially during the holidays. Not to pigeonhole, but men aren’t always as obvious as women can be when it comes to what they want under the tree. “I don’t know, whatever. I’m not picky. Maybe a shirt? I really don’t care.” can only help you so much!

This holiday, stop the worrying and the constant line of questioning to figure out what to get your guy. Here are some ideas of the things he totally wants but won’t say it… or might not know it yet!


Everyone listens to music, so you can’t go wrong here! Listening to music through a pair of high-quality bluetooth headphones is pretty life-changing. Songs sound that different when they are when high-quality headphones are involved. Not only is this a practical gift, but a trendy one too. Beats, Sony, and Sennheiser all make a great, stylish pair and we always have great deals on them, too! Headphones have a wide variety of price ranges, meaning that you can find the right pair that fits your budget and impresses your guy with ease!


Tickets to a sports game of his favorite team or concert for his favorite band is a great idea. Experiential gifts are some of our favorites to give because they can be really meaningful. A memory over a material item is what the holidays are all about, anyway!  

High-End Leather Goods

Belts, wallets, a nice pair of shoes, oh my! If your guy has had the same wallet or belt for years that’s falling apart, or needs to step up his wardrobe with a nice pair of desert or Chelsea boots, a quality leather good is a perfect gift. Most of these items are in the right price range too, meaning you can often get a second or third gift to include. Bonus! …and totally worthy of a spot on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide list.

Framed Artwork or Prints

An unusual gift, but hear us out first: not many people really buy artwork for themselves because there are always other things that have a stronger argument to be bought first. When you think of it, artwork is the one thing that takes a space and makes it look complete, impressive, and adult. We’ve seen many prints of patent sketches and designs of items, and we love the idea of gifting your guy the patent sketch of something he loves. It’s a masculine, unique piece of artwork set to impress. Does he love to golf? Buy a patent sketch print of the first golf club. An engineer? Buy a patent sketch of a vintage machine. Other prints you can buy can be of locations and destinations that he loves. Just get your prints framed and you have a stellar gift on your hands.


We’re going to be honest: most men, ahem… don’t really think about items like this, which means they won’t typically buy or ask for these items. However, it doesn’t mean a gift of cologne is a bad choice. Men love things like this once they get them. You also can’t go wrong on the scent! If you picked it out and they know you like it, they would wear it just for that reason: to smell like something you like!

While we always love to insist that gifts aren’t what makes the holidays meaningful, fun, and important. However, gifts do play a role in showing our loved ones how thankful and appreciative we are of them. Regardless of what you gift your guy, be sure to spend some quality time with him above all else. He will be sure to love that ‘gift’ best of all.

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