Help Us Plant More Trees This Holiday Season


Thanks to you, that’s the number of trees we’ve planted with Trees for the Future. Every one of your orders plants a tree, and those trees have already made such a profound impact on people’s lives.

Trees for the Future

The Trees for the Future program helps farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia who are overwhelmingly food insecure due to poor land conditions. 

Our partnership with this organization has contributed to restoring degraded lands, stimulating economic resiliency and providing year-round food security for participant farmers and their families

So, thank you for helping us make a difference!


Author: Dianna

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2 thoughts on “Help Us Plant More Trees This Holiday Season

  1. AvatarSarah L

    That’s a great thing you’re doing. The world needs more trees.

  2. AvatarAmber Ludwig

    This is amazing!! Way to go!! The Lorax would be proud 🙂

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