Give Back This Holiday Season: 4 Free Ways to Do Some Good


The holiday season is the biggest time of year for reflection, giving back, and spreading love. Maybe it’s the extra quality time with our loved ones or the excess gift buying and receiving that makes us think twice about how lucky and fortunate we are, but we love that a huge part of the holiday cheer that occurs around this time of year is in large part from the good spirits that come from giving back.

If you are looking to join in on spreading the holiday cheer, we are listing some of our favorite ways to give back this season. But, before we jump in, it’s important to mention that giving back doesn’t always need to be in the form of a monetary contribution. Even with empty pockets, there are sincere, generous, and meaningful ways to give back and accomplish more good than cash ever could. Here are some ideas:

Donate your time

The holidays are hectic and spare time is often a rare commodity, but we really encourage you to make a little bit of time in your schedule to volunteer your time at a charity or service that you are passionate about. Many charities need extra help around the holidays and will be more than happy to accept any help!

From soup kitchens and local food banks, to schools, shelters, and nonprofits, spend some time offering a hand at something local or with a project that you care about. Do some research to find out what’s available to you, where your skills and time are most needed, and work out a date and time to help out. A few hours of volunteering won’t only be a benefit to who or what you decide to help, but will also boost your spirits by knowing you did some good by giving back.

Donate items

Another great way to help out during the holidays is to donate some items. Many offices, grocery stores, schools, and shops run charity or collection drives where you can drop off items that will go to those who need them.

Clean out your closets of any old but good-quality clothes you no longer wear. Look for extra sets of sheets, blankets, and towels you no longer use, too. Also, see if you have any spare toiletries you can donate as well. Before you drive off, be sure to check your pantry for any extra non-expired canned, boxed, or wrapped food that you’re able to pass up to a better cause.

Looking for an easier way to donate? If you’ve shopped with BLINQ before, keep your BLINQ box and check out our partnership with Give Back Box. All you need to do is pack your BLINQ box with items that you wish to donate and Give Back Box will give you a label to ship it for free (or will come pick it up!)! Give Back Box will then donate your items to the charity of your choice.

If you do have a little cash to spend, we highly encourage buying some baby wipes, soap, and especially feminine hygiene products. These are the items many charities for the less fortunate are always in need of. If you live somewhere cold, packs of gloves and hats, which often come in packs for cheap, are also a great, affordable buy.

Shop smarter

We all have to shop this holiday, so we might as well shop at places that give back, too! Who knew you could give back by shopping?! If we’re honest, a lot of well-known companies aren’t totally the best when it comes to their practices behind the scenes. Do your research this holiday season and only shop with brands who set the bar high for good corporate social responsibility and do their part to help out.

At BLINQ, we are committed to reducing retail waste and it means a lot to us when customers help reduce waste just by shopping with us! There are many other companies who join is in having strong values as well. From brands interested in helping people, local or global causes, animals, our planet and more, please shop where you’ll be confident that your money will go a lot further than the item(s) you bought with it.

Be more conscious

This one doesn’t involve any money or time, so there is no excuse not to do this! Simply, just try to be more conscious of how you live your life every single day. Don’t get a plastic straw with your drink. If you are stressed, try not to have a sour attitude and take it out on those around you. Be better about actually taking out your recycling. Try to pay it forward when you see someone who needs extra help. Ask for help when you need it. Simply, try to be good in everything that you do. Just by pivoting and changing the way you think and therefore act — especially when it comes to the small things— has a tremendous impact on the world around us.

We encourage you to do something special this holiday season (if not throughout the entire year!) and to offer help where you can. Giving back is so important to our society and it’s important to recognize the value that it has. Doing good is such an easy thing to do and we hope that you are able to do what you can. Happy, happy holidays to all!


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