With Give Back Box, Shopping on BLINQ is Even Greener!

It’s no secret that BLINQ is a destination for finding the best deals on everything from electronics to home goods to baby gear, and more. While we strive to bring you the best deals on all types of products, at our core, we are so much more than just a deals site.

Our mission — to reduce retail waste and promote a smarter way to shop — is central to our business; and while we love a great deal, we’re truly passionate about the benefits of recommerce. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our recent partnership with Give Back Box!

give back box

So, What is Recommerce?

At its core, recommerce facilitates the resale of products, diverting them from landfills and extending their useful lives. BLINQ promotes the recommerce lifecycle by reselling (perfectly awesome) overstock and returned products from top retailers at huge discounts.

So while you save money on the products you love, together we’re also saving hundreds of thousands of products from going to waste, and saving millions of pounds of carbon dioxide. And now, thanks to Give Back Box, the fun—and the recommerce cycle–doesn’t stop when you receive your BLINQ order!

Let No Good Box Go To Waste

Through the Give Back Box program, you can now reuse your BLINQ box to donate gently used goods to a local participating charitable organization. And it’s insanely easy. Simply pack your BLINQ box with gently used items and print your free shipping label. Then drop off your box at any UPS or USPS location–or schedule a pickup.


That’s right–no more having items sit in your trunk for weeks waiting to be dropped off at a local charity. With BLINQ and Give Back Box, it actually feels good to give back! Not only are you getting rid of clutter, by donating your gently used goods, you’re extending the lifecycle of products, reducing unnecessary waste, and giving back to the community. Oh, and it’s free. It’s a win-win!

Give Back With BLINQ

At BLINQ we believe that, together, we can save more than just money. Through our partnership with Give Back Box, we’re committed to making our community and planet a better place; and we’re thrilled to carry on our environmentally friendly mission with you–our customers.

So remember–the fun doesn’t stop the next time you receive your BLINQ order; try out Give Back Box for yourself see how easy and rewarding it is to give back–one box at a time!

Author: Ben

Ben is a recent Cornell grad who also happens to be an expert deal-getter (he once successfully haggled an apple down to $.25 from $.80). When he's not negotiating produce prices, he loves playing soccer and finding the best happy hour spots in D.C.

4 thoughts on “With Give Back Box, Shopping on BLINQ is Even Greener!

  1. AvatarVanessa White

    I like this idea. I’ve been shopping with you or a while and didn’t realize you had this program I commend you for this. Could you tell me what kind of used items I could I use, meaning like clothes, small appliances, etc.

    1. AvatarEmily

      Hi Vanessa! You can fill your box with gently used clothes, shoes, and other household items–just not electronics at this time. I hope this helps! Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions, and we hope you give Give Back Box a try!

  2. AvatarEmily Clay

    Amazing idea with keep nature alive is the great initiative, Great respect and sounds amazing offer!!

    Thank you, I will share this .

  3. Avatarlinda

    Great, Love your post. I just go through with your blog post and found some amazing money saving gift ideas. Thanks for sharing a detailed article with us.

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