Give Back Box Donation Drive at BLINQ HQ


The weather is finally warm here in Washington, DC- which means it’s time to pack up our winter gear and replace it with the summer items that have been stored since Labor Day.  

For most of us at BLINQ, this is also the time when we review our closets and decide what to keep, what to store, and what to donate.  

To facilitate easier donation and to celebrate BLINQ’s Partnership with Give Back Box, we hosted a Give Back Box Donation Drive last week at our DC Headquarters.

Our drive successfully filled 5 Large BLINQ boxes with clothing, shoes, books and household items to be sent to Give Back Box Charities!  

BLINQ + Give Back Box:

Our partnership with Give Back Box extends BLINQ’s commitment to sustainable commerce by making it easy for you to reuse your BLINQ box to donate gently used items to participating charitable organizations. This continues the cycle of reducing waste and gives back to the community.

Hopefully our efforts inspire YOU to use your BLINQ Box to give back!

Learn more about the Give Back Box Partnership and download a free shipping label today.

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