2018’s Newest Fall Fashion Trends to Wear this Season


With a new season and new weather to dress for, we are very much looking forward to fall and the sweater-weather that it brings. Not that we don’t love summer, but… the heat this summer has been quite killer and it would have been nice to wear a super trendy jacket without dying of heatstroke. With our hearts eagerly set towards the fall, we thought we would go through our favorite fall trends that will be taking over this season’s apparel. Let’s get started:

Herringbone, houndstooth and glen plaid

The classic patterns are back… not that they ever really went out of style per se. Herringbone, houndstooth and glen plaid are the ultra classic and sophisticated prints that have ruled fall and winter fashion for decades. However, in recent years, the patterns have lost favor with some younger shoppers because they were suddenly seen as “stuffy” (read: “for old people” and not metallic *gasp!*).

While older audiences have always found the patterns timeless and chic, younger shoppers had begun to favor new prints and textiles, pushing these three patterns out of mass-favor… until now. Young audiences have finally realized the value, timelessness and sophistication of these prints! Expect to see more herringbone, houndstooth and glen plaid than ever before as younger shoppers make up for their lost time without it! Your closet is in dire need of at least one piece in one of the traditional patterns: think classic wool trench coats and ultra tailored blazers. Now how chic is that?

Oversized fashions

We all have that one gigantic t-shirt that we wear to bed– the one so comfortable that we would wear it out of the house to work and fancy events if we could. Well, society might not be ready to accept giant-fitting PJs as an incredible fashion trend yet, but oversized fashions are starting to grow in popularity, and quickly at that! Oversized tops, pants, jackets, and even scarves are set to take over this fall.

Oversized fashions are cozy in nature and will totally hide any ‘food baby’ from all of those fall treats! Not only that, but oversized fashions have been made popular by swarms of celebrities and fashion houses flocking are towards the trend. So, grab 12 apple cider donuts and an oversized sweater because cozy, extra-extra large fashions are in! (Of all the trends this fall, this might be our favorite for that reason!)

80s leather

You know how in every teen movie that came out in the ‘80s, the film’s “bad boy/girl” character always had on a rad leather jacket, or a studded black leather belt… or even both? Well, that tough leather look is in! While leather jackets have always been in favor, the cut and stylings of the jackets will change in a big way this year.

Much like the jackets seen in the 80s, you can expect this season’s leather jackets to be loose fitting, if not boxy and have simple silver zippers with some studding for extra flair. However, leather isn’t just only for jackets this fall. The leather trend is catching fire with pants and hats, too! It is time to turn into your favorite ‘80s bad boy/girl and rock the tough style.


Going off of the oversized pattern, extra-long clothing is filling this fall’s  lookbooks, too. From floor sweeping palazzo pants, to longer skirt hemlines and our favorite, duster sweaters and jackets, anything long is in this season. Not too long ago, the “short” trend was in. Crop top shirts were taking over and it was nearly impossible to find a regular top that hit below the belly button. But, our fans with long torsos can rejoice because even super long shirts (think tunic-length!) are in style! While many feel as though the extra-long trend can be hard to pull off, especially if you are shorter in stature, don’t sweat it! Almost anyone can pull off the bold trend. Trust us! Just give it a try.

Faux Fur

Faux fur styles have slowly been rising in popularity over the last few cold seasons, but this year, expect faux fur to boom and look different. Not only can we expect to see more faux fur jackets, vests and on the trim of coats, hats and gloves, but now we can expect to see animal print faux fur. Previously, most faux furs were fluffy, solid and neutral in color– think plain and thick brown, black and white furs. But now, expect to see bold “short cut” furs in cheetah and zebra prints, too.


Red will be the color of the fall, mark our words. From bright poppy shades to deep, warm hues, red is the must-stock-up-on color this season. Not only does red look flattering on all skin tones, but red is a pretty seasonally neutral color, too— style of garment permitting. We are loving red skirts and blouses with some delicate floral patterns, but you also can’t beat a classic simple bold and plain red fabric. Get ready to rock your favorite reds!

While fashion trends are always changing, we hope that these trends stick around longer than usual because we love them all. The fall is an exciting time if not for the change in weather, than for the fashion it brings! Seize this fall, and most importantly, seize your closet space (no matter how little of it there is!) and make room for these new trends.

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