Everything You Need to do to Freshen Up Your Fitness Routine


Unless you’re a fitness fiend, it can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation to work out or stay interested in your routine long enough to keep going with it. Changing up your fitness routine is a great way to set new goals for yourself, find motivation, and best of all reward yourself with new, fun ways to exercise. However, changing your running route or what equipment you use in the gym isn’t enough sometimes. Here is everything you need to freshen up your fitness routine that only only helps you look and feel great, but can also help the effectiveness of your workout. Let’s get to it:

Reusable water bottle

Well, duh! It is so important to stay hydrated, especially if you sweat throughout a workout. Replenishing your body is crucial to stay healthy and to avoid feeling faint during and after a workout. That being said, not all water bottles are created equal. We’re looking at you, plastic disposable bottles! Be sure to invest in a reusable, eco-friendly water bottle to cut back on waste and to save money. Other than saving the world, many reusable water bottles come in different sizes to guarantee that you have enough water to drink throughout your entire workout. We love insulated water bottles that keep drinks cold for hours on end. Nothing is better when you are hot and sweaty than cooling off with a sip of ice cold water.


We’ve spent too many runs (…ok… brisk walks) fussing with our headphones. From earbuds falling out repeatedly to becoming tangled up in wires, headphones can easily ruin your workout’s groove. Investing in a bluetooth pair of headphones the way to go. Not only is there no wire to fuss with, but if you listen to music at the gym, it is way safer to use equipment without a wire becoming wrapped up in a machine, too. Music is the best motivator to get through a workout, and it is quite literally lifechanging to go through an entire routine without having to stop and adjust your headphones. So, create your dream workout playlist and blast on: nothing can interrupt you now!

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Knee, back, leg, neck, and of course, foot pain can all stem from one bad sneaker. If you leave a workout feeling pained in any of these spots, your shoe might be the cause. A good workout needs a great pair of shoes. Period. Think about it: would you rather build the foundation of a home on toothpicks and feathers or on a proper base of concrete and anchored supports? The foundation of a house is much like your shoes. During a workout where you are heavily relying on your feet to provide support, it is important that your feet are properly being supported because they are supporting everything else. Get a good sneaker with a good base and you should be all set to power through any workout.

Fitness Watch

From Fitbits to Apple Watches, using a fitness watch can help track your entire workout and then some. From tracking your heart rate to the number of steps you take, just to name a few perks of wearing a fitness watch, be able to monitor how you are doing and set new fitness goals with the best technology can offer.

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Yoga Mat

Yoga mats aren’t only for yoga, believe it or not! The soft but-not-too-soft surface of a yoga mat makes it a perfect addition to your fitness repertoire. Use it as a surface to stretch on before you start your fitness routine and as a general-purpose mat for anything else you might need it for during a workout, such as using it for some light cardio moves and small weight training exercises. We’ve always thought stretching was the key to a good workout, so if you don’t consider yourself a ‘yogi’, its ok! Yoga mats don’t discriminate! The best thing about mats is that you can take them anywhere. Pack it up and take it to the park to take your routine outside for some new scenery and breathe in some fresh air.

When it comes to your fitness routine, the most important thing is that you are enjoying your workout and are doing it safely. Be sure to listen to your body and drink lots of water throughout your workout, but most importantly, go into every workout like you’re going to absolutely crush it! We hope these items give your fitness routine a little boost. Now go get those muscles!