CNBC Reveals How Holiday Returns Become Deals for You!


Online shopping is a huge and growing industry. And with sites making it it easy to return orders by mail or in-store, it couldn’t be more convenient for time-strapped shoppers. So what is it about this behavior that Gartner Research calls a “ticking time bomb”?
reatilstimebombCourtney Reagan of CNBC reports that up to 30% of items purchased online are returned, depending on the type of goods. And as you might suspect, the returns rate increases dramatically during the holiday shopping period.

Most people don’t think about what happens next, but this influx of holiday returns creates huge costs and inefficiencies that retailers need to plan for. That’s why companies like The Home Depot, BJ’s Wholesale,, and Best Buy, among others, use technology from Optoro to help them get that returned inventory back into stock, or onto other sales channels — like!


What does that mean for you, the consumer? It means you can get amazing deals on returned, like-new products — simply by bypassing traditional retail and shopping with sense on sites like BLINQ. (No dumpster diving required!)

Want to learn more? Go behind the scenes with CNBC and learn how BLINQ partners with your favorite retailers to solve their inventory problems, giving you access to top brands and the best prices, year-round.

Author: Melanie

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