BLINQ Featured on FOX 5 DC


Holly Morris from FOX 5 DC is excited to discover how we’re able to get huge deals into the hands of customers:

Optoro and BLINQ featured on

Our parent company Optoro helps retailers manage excess inventory and returned merchandise, which allows BLINQ to offer it to our customers for huge discounts. Ten percent of the retail market is returned goods; we turn that into an opportunity to save! But you’d better snag that deal fast because “blink and it’s gone”!

And those bobbleheads Holly mentioned? Follow us on Instagram to see some examples of staff bobblehead dolls and follow us on Pinterest to learn more about our company culture!

Author: Melanie

Melanie joined the BLINQ team in early 2014, inspired by the brand’s passion for helping consumers find great deals. Issues she feels strongly about include literacy, budgeting, and the difference between hyphens, en-dashes and em-dashes. P.s. Melanie doesn’t trust people who don’t appreciate that there’s a difference between nerds, geeks and dorks.

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