We are Measurabl: BLINQ’s Impact on the Environment

Can we leave the planet as healthy and beautiful as we found it? At BLINQ, we think the answer is yes(!) and working to do so is hugely important to us.

BLINQ is Measurabl

This summer, I have been working with BLINQ’s Green Team to identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our company’s operations. This includes everything from how we heat and cool our facilities and the kinds of office supplies we order for employees, to where we source our products and the types of packaging materials we choose for our shipments.

One of our major goals is to reduce waste and energy consumption company wide. To make this happen, BLINQ is working with Measurabl, a San Diego-based startup that helps companies collect, verify, and manage data on energy, water, and waste consumption. Measurabl will help us track the carbon footprint of our office and warehouse space so we can evaluate our progress as we work to reduce our impact.

How does Measurabl work?

Measurabl is cloud-based software that pulls data directly from our utility accounts (heating bills, electricity bills, etc.) and aggregates it into one user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard provides several great pieces of information:

  1. Carbon emissions: Measurabl automatically converts annual utility data into annual carbon emissions and provides great tools for generating reports.
  2. Benchmarking: Knowing our carbon emissions is only half the battle- we also need context to understand if our emissions are even with, above or below average.  Benchmarking allows us to view our performance relative to companies of similar size and function.
  3. Third Party Verification. Displaying the “We are Measurabl” mark on our website shows our customers that our corporate environmental data is measured and tracked in accordance with global carbon accounting norms and standards, and has been certified as accurate by a third party.

Without Measurabl, our team would need to sort through hundreds of monthly utility bills to gather baseline data on energy consumption. Now we can spend more time greening our office and less time collecting monthly data!  

BLINQ Green Team

Look how happy we are that we don’t have to sort through heaps of utility bills to track our energy consumption!

We love working with the great team at Measurabl and look forward to communicating our progress in reducing our carbon emissions to all of our awesome customers!

More from the Green Team

In addition to measuring carbon emissions, here are several other changes our team has made around the office to save energy, reduce waste, and raise awareness.

    • Programmed office thermostats to reduce heating and cooling during non business hours
    • Posted signs to remind employees to turn off any lights and electronics not in use
    • Provided training and posted signs to encourage proper recycling habits
    • Provided recycling bins in each work area and office

Have suggestions for how we can reduce our environmental impact? Share your comments with us below!

Author: Ann

Ann has lived in Washington, D.C. for three years and loves that she can bike to work everyday. When she isn't working as our Sustainability Director, Ann can be found hiking in Shenandoah National Park or at home perfecting her homemade ice cream recipes.

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    This is awesome! Thanks for thinking of the environment! You are doing a great job!

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    Wow!! Such an awesome program!! I love companies that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint!! We need to see more of them doing it to save our earth!! Great job Blinq!!

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    Very interesting. Nice to know that there are companies out there that care about the environment.

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    yes I agree with saving and planning ahead.

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    I am very glad that there are companies like this one that care about the environment. And they are willing to,listen to helpful comments too!

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    wow!!! I love it when people of companies can all work together on the same page and do their best for all that really care about the environment

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