6 Tips for Going Greener This Earth Month

It’s Earth Month, which is a great time to think about the little things we do every day that might have a big impact on the environment.  Whether you are dedicated to reducing waste in every aspect of your life, or simply hoping to make minor changes this month, we’ve put together 6 things you can easily do to cut back on waste and go greener this month:

  1. Buy a better bottle. Ditch plastic water bottles (which are some of the worst offenders when it comes to clogging our landfills) and opt for a reusable one!  It will help the environment and save you money too.
  2. Coffee. But first a reusable coffee tumbler. Bring your own mug or travel tumbler to your favorite coffee shop instead of using the disposable cups they provide. It often costs a bit less and definitely cuts back on waste.
  3. Walk or bike to work instead of driving. Not only is this a great workout, it also cuts back on air pollution.  If this isn’t possible, try ride-sharing or carpooling instead.
  4. Bring out the cloth napkins.  Elevate your dinner game with cloth napkins instead of paper ones (and maybe some candlelight?) Less waste PLUS better ambiance!
  5. More books, less paper.  Save some trees and get an e-reader or tablet.  It allows you to store more books than you can carry, and wastes zero paper.

6.  Shop outside traditional retail. When shopping, consider buying used, returned, or overstock items. These are items that might otherwise end up in landfills, and can often be snagged at unbeatable prices.

One thought on “6 Tips for Going Greener This Earth Month

  1. AvatarCeramicRuby

    Thesea aer also excellent methods to teach out kids about the value of a product. Need vs. want, conservation vs. waste. When the kids see it, they will imitate your actions. I have finally gotten to the point where my son asks me how else he can use something instead of ‘lets get another’.

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