5 Ways to Upgrade Your Winter and Beat the Seasonal Blues


After the rush, cheer and excitement of the holidays, it’s easy to get beaten down a little bit by the winter. With cold, blistery weather and shorter, darker days beginning to take their toll, many get into a slump come January. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! We love the winter season and instead of eagerly wishing for spring to come, we’ve found ways to make the most of it by finding ways to perk things up a bit more. Here are our 5 tips to upgrade your winter and enjoy the season until spring.

Get Cozy

The winter is the perfect excuse to bundle up and spend the night in. Since the harsh weather leaves us less time to be outdoors, it would be a smart move to take this time and do some upgrading to your living spaces. From adding plush throw blankets to your couches and investing in new, ultra comfy bed pillows, you can enjoy the freezing temps of winter indoors, warm and cozy.

We also would be remiss if we didn’t take this time to say that one of the best ways to upgrade your winter is by investing in a coffee or hot drink brewer. Nothing warms you up better than a hot drink! From Keurigs to French Presses, enjoy your favorite warm drinks and skip the coffee shop (and their high prices!).

Get Outside When You Can

Believe us when we tell you that we know cold. That being said, the pros of spending a few minutes outside outweigh the cons of being chilly for a few minutes throughout it. Because sunlight is more limited in winter, it’s really beneficial and therefore, important, to get outside and get some sun when you can.

Take a walk in the morning before you head off to work when the sun is just coming out, or take a 20 minute break to do a lap around your place of work after lunch. Taking this extra time in the sunlight doing some light exercise will give you the energy you need and the fresh air that you miss! Just make sure you bundle up well enough and you can handle a few minutes in sub-zero temps— we promise!

Recoup & Recharge!

When the holidays end, we can feel drained and exhausted. The slow pace of winter doesn’t help motivate us to get our energy back, either. One way to upgrade your winter and lift your spirits is to take the some ‘me-time’ throughout the season to recoup and recharge! Treat yourself to an item that you’ve been wanting or to a nice lunch if it will boost your spirits a bit. Or, spend a cozy weekend in just to catch your breath for a minute. Not only will this give you a bit of a mental break that can be hard to come by once spring pops up, but this will also keep you from over-exerting yourself and getting sick! With cold and flu season here, being gentle to your mind and body won’t only keep you happier, but healthier, too! Remember that it’s more ok to take some time for yourself just to breathe in and relax! The best way to upgrade your winter is to put yourself first.

Eat Well

It’s natural to overeat in the winter, but mountains of leftover holiday treats and comfort food can do more harm than good. We love food and are totally guilty of pigging out way more than we should, but from that, we know first hand how sluggish those eating habits (or marathons) make us feel afterwards. Don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest that you only eat salads to perk things up.

Instead of reaching for tubs of mashed potatoes and other warming comfort foods, we suggest making soups instead. Soups can be hearty, filling, and best of all healthy! They are also especially easy to make (and freeze!). One way to upgrade your winter is to invest in an Instant Pot or pressure cooker to help make cooking simpler. Not only are these kitchen gadgets great for making BBQ, slow cooked meals, and roasts, but they are also phenomenal for making delicious, flavorful soups in a quarter of the time!

Other hearty meals can consist of a simple roasted chicken served with roasted in-season veggies. Carrots, garlic, bok-choy, onions, asparagus, and peas are some of our favorite in-season winter veggies, and they are some of the healthiest for you, too!

Have the right apparel & feel good!

Winter is never going to be fun if you are shivering throughout it. Make sure that you have warm apparel! From thick winter sweaters to a nice insulated jacket with a hat and gloves to boot, keeping bundled up is important if you don’t want to be miserable every time you step out into the snow! If you want to enjoy your winter, upgrade it by upgrading your apparel. …Don’t forget to pick up a pair of fuzzy socks too!

Bonus: Be With Friends!

It’s easy to want to turn into a bear and hibernate in your cozy warm bed until blooms start to appear in April. I mean, we did just suggest that you make an ultra-cozy set up a few tips up. But, staying under warm covers all day, every day is only going to make your winter feel even longer and more drab. A night in every now and then or an extra hour or two staying in is great, but don’t make a habit of being cooped up! Meet-up with friends! Not only will it be nice to socialize with your pals, but it will help pull you out of the house! There are so many fun winter activities, from ice skating, winter shows, and winter sales to shop. Break free of hibernation and meet up with friends who will help keep you energized and enjoying the season. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

The winter blues are easy to avoid and the entire season doesn’t need to bum you out. With so many simple ways to upgrade your winter, we hope that everyone goes out and enjoys the magical season to the best that they can. We also hope that everyone stays warm throughout it, too!


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