Melanie joined the BLINQ team in early 2014, inspired by the brand’s passion for helping consumers find great deals. Issues she feels strongly about include literacy, budgeting, and the difference between hyphens, en-dashes and em-dashes. P.s. Melanie doesn’t trust people who don’t appreciate that there’s a difference between nerds, geeks and dorks.

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Inside BLINQ HQ on Giving Tuesday

In honor of #GivingTuesday, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how BLINQ organized a Give Back Box donation drive, and how you can too — any day of the year. To kick off the giving season, we teamed up with our partner, Give Back Box, to collect donations from across the BLINQ team. Over the course of… Read More »

Retail Returns: Where Do They All Go?

Easy Returns Are Great for Shoppers. However… If you’ve never thought about what happens to purchases you’ve returned — whether it’s that scarf that you meant to give as a gift before your (now ex)-SO broke your heart, or those bookshelf speakers that didn’t fit into your bookshelf after all — you’re not alone. Smart consumers are demanding… Read More »

CNBC Reveals How Holiday Returns Become Deals for You!

Online shopping is a huge and growing industry. And with sites making it it easy to return orders by mail or in-store, it couldn’t be more convenient for time-strapped shoppers. So what is it about this behavior that Gartner Research calls a “ticking time bomb”? Courtney Reagan of CNBC reports that up to 30% of items purchased online… Read More »

What to Do If You’ve Been Hacked

Even if you’ve always practiced good internet security strategies, it’s still possible for your computer security to be compromised. If you’ve been hacked, what do you do next? Here is a checklist of steps you should take as soon as you think your computer has been hacked. 1. Act Fast. Lock Everything Down. Time is of the essence! As… Read More »

4 Monthly Bills You Should Stop Paying

How would you like an easy $200 bucks a month back in your pocket? All it could take is a couple of phone calls. How? By canceling recurring bills for services or products you don’t need. Even if your budget isn’t tight, there’s no point in giving your hard-earned money away. Here are four bills you can get… Read More »

7 Budget Tips for People Who Can’t Seem to Save

We all love to shop for a good bargain, but for many people, the word “budgeting” strikes even more dread than dieting. Many people start with the best of intentions (can anyone say “New Year’s Resolution”?), but once they’ve created a budget, it can be tough to actually stick to it. Why? Because, like a diet, a budget… Read More »

Frugal vs. Cheap: 11 Extreme Ideas

Are you a smart shopper who wows everyone with your money-saving skills? Or do people secretly resent you for being such a tightwad? What’s the difference between being frugal and being cheap? Frugality is about getting the best value for your money. Being cheap is spending the least amount of money possible, at any cost. Sometimes the line… Read More »

Tips to Reduce Credit Card Fraud

In my last article about protecting your financial information, I focused on how to avoid identify theft. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But how can you limit the damage if preventative measures aren’t enough? Here are 3 tips that can help you reduce credit card fraud liability.  1. Use credit not debit cards This… Read More »

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