David is a University of Memphis graduate (Go Tigers!) who loves eCommerce, real estate, and tech toys. He recently moved to Milwaukee, WI where he lives with his fiancée, newborn son, and two dogs. When he isn’t shopping for great deals on BLINQ.com, he is waiving a Terrible Towel and hoping for the next Steelers Super Bowl victory.

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Replacing Your Smartphone Screen: Lessons Learned

Let’s face it — smartphone screens are not indestructible. Maybe you’ve dropped your phone several times in the past with no damage. Then one day, the slightest tumble sends a spiderweb of cracks across your beautiful (and expensive) touchscreen. Yeah, yeah, you know you should’ve had a case or cover to protect your phone. But what’s a savvy consumer… Read More »

Cable Modems: Should You Buy or Lease?

If you have cable internet service, odds are you lease a cable modem every single month without realizing it. That’s because most cable internet providers automatically install one of their modems during the standard installation process, then tack on an extra fee to your monthly bill. It’s kind of a sneaky practice, and it costs you an extra… Read More »